Exhibitor list

AIV - United Arab Emirates
Stand S.34
Ambica Stainless Steel - India
Stand S.19
Binder Edelstahl - Germany
Stand S37
Böllinghaus Steel GmbH - Germany
Stand S.10
CHW Forge - India
Stand S35
Divine Tubes - India
Stand S36
Gerber Holding GmbH - Germany
Stand S30
Hart B.V. - Netherlands, The
Stand S40
Hilton Metal Forging Ltd. - India
Stand S09
HW-Inox - Germany
Stand S.11
Jiangsu Hongcheng Marine Technology Co., Ltd. - China
Stand S38
JKL Hardware Products - China
Stand S.43
Krystal Global Engineering - India
Stand S.5
Langley Alloys - United Kingdom
Stand S.42
LST Linster Stainless Trading - Germany
Stand S07
MAC Piping - Malaysia
Stand S41
Montanstahl AG - Switzerland
Stand S17
NICROMAL Edelstahl & Metallhandel  - Germany
Stand S39
Ratnadeep Metal & Tubes - India
Stand S20
Ratnamani Metals - India
Stand S06
Sandvik - Sweden
Stand S29
Scoda Tubes - India
Stand S18  
Starofit Klose - Germany
Stand S08
Steamline Industry - India
Stand S.13
Sun Mark - India
Stand S01
Sun Petroleum Services - Oman
Stand S.21
Tianjin Elegant - China
Stand S.03
Timesavers International - Netherlands, The
Stand S.44
Voß Edelstahlhandel - Germany
Stand S31
Yada Piping - China
Stand S33
Yieh Corporation Limited - China
Stand S.12
Event Partner