The critical role of the conference steering committee

Since 1999 a dedicated team of corrosion and materials professionals from the global stainless steel market has come together every two years with a clear purpose - to refine the goals of the ‘must attend’ Stainless Steel World Conferences.

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Stainless Steel World Conference 2019 Steering Committee
Some of the 2019 steering committee members
Indeed a key driving factor behind the continued success of this event has to be this international steering committee. Representing expert views from all sides of the industry, steering committee members make a huge contribution to the conference as they identify important materials trends worthy of discussion, propose enlightening workshop topics and generally make sure the conference is as relevant as possible for other materials professionals.

Stainless Steel World Conference 2019 Steering Committee Meeting

One of their main goals is to review all the abstracts that are submitted. Quite a challenge considering the depth and breadth of all the paper proposals, but the members always set about the task with gusto. All proposals are carefully assessed and evaluated by experts who are certainly willing to voice opinions.

Those opinions may sometimes differ as might be expected with a group of such well-informed professionals. However, all discussions are conducted in an honest and frank manner and always with the clear goal of making the conference as relevant and worthwhile as possible to all delegates.
SSW2019 Steering Committee Meeting
With such animated meetings there’s hardly ever time for a break. However, SSW’s editors did manage to corner three experts during preparations for the 2019 Conference. Lars Rose from DuPont (the 2019 Committee Chairman) said he was looking forward to the show, Lena Wegrelius from Outokumpu explained why even after some twenty years she is still enthusiastic about the Stainless Steel World Conference and a ‘first-timer’, Willem Maarten van Haaften from Shell, revealed he’s delighted to provide input as an end user:

Lars Rose

Lena Wegrelius

Willem Maarten van Haaften

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