Exhibitor list

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Aamor Inox Limited - India
Stand G43
Acciai Speciali Terni S.p.A. - Italy
Stand H16
Acciai Vender SpA - Italy
Stand G20
Acerinox sa - Spain
Stand C10
Aços Duro Da Costa, LDA - Portugal
Stand F90
AD Tubi Inossidabili SpA - Italy
Stand H06
Alok Ingots (Mumbai) Pvt. Ltd - India
Stand G51
Amari Metals Ltd - United Kingdom
Stand C36
Ambica Steels Limited - India
Stand F23
AO Energometall - Russia
Stand H66
Aperam - France
Stand C05
Arcus Group - Netherlands, The
Stand H12
Asge Metal - Decorinox - Turkey
Stand B71
Stand C68
ATX Co.,Ltd. - South Korea
Stand D87
AVESKA-Edelstahl GmbH - Germany
Stand G02
Baofeng Steel Group Co., Ltd - China
Stand D59
Baoji Hongsen Titanium Metal Manufactory Co., Ltd. - China
Stand C01
Baoji Special Steel Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. - China
Stand H69
Baoji Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. - China
Stand F52
Bayar Stainless Steel Service Center - Turkey
Stand F20
BENE INOX - France
Stand J44
Bercellesi Berinox Srl - Italy
Stand D08
BIBUS METALS AG - Switzerland
Stand H45
Binder Edelstahl Produktionsges.mbH - Germany
Stand F06
Böllinghaus Steel GmbH - Germany
Stand C74
Stand MW117
Butting GmbH & Co. KG - Germany
Stand C43
Buxton Special Alloys Ltd. - United Kingdom
Stand A60
C.C.T. Inox SpA - Italy
Stand H36
Cangzhou Beyond Metal Products Co., Ltd. - China
Stand F02
Cangzhou Co-win Metal Products Co., Ltd - China
Stand H52
Cangzhou Hao Xing Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd. - China
Stand J16
Cangzhou KH Fittings Corp. - China
Stand H32
Cangzhou Shengxiong Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd. - China
Stand F24
Centravis Sales Switzerland S.A. - Switzerland
Stand C39
Century Steel Pte Ltd - Singapore
Stand G66
Chandan Steel Ltd - India
Stand C40
Charming Metal International Limited - China
Stand C66
ChenMing S.S Limited - China
Stand A74
Chia Far Industrial Factory Co., Ltd. - Taiwan, ROC
Stand G36
Chr. Höver & Sohn GmbH & Co KG (Leppe-Edelstahl) - Germany
Stand H24
Chromeni Steels Pvt. Ltd. - India
Stand C49
ChromStahl GmbH - Germany
Stand J17
Chun & Vollerin srl - Italy
Stand H15
Cogne Acciai Speciali SpA - Italy
Stand F30
Combilift - Ireland
Stand MW102
Stand E51
CSAI Centro Servizio Acciai Inox SpA - Italy
Stand B18
CSM Benelux - Luxembourg
Stand E81
CSM Tech Co., Ltd. - China
Stand C54
Dacapo Stainless A/S - Denmark
Stand E02
Damstahl GmbH - Germany
Stand G30
Deutsche Nickel GmbH - Germany
Stand F12
Dirostahl / Karl Diederichs KG - Germany
Stand A70
Dneprospetsstal - Ukraine
Stand H62
Echjay Forgings Pvt. Ltd - India
Stand G08
Economic Forge Pvt. Ltd. - India
Stand F63
Ecor SpA - Italy
Stand A59
ELFE- Brides forgées inox - - France
Stand H55
Energy Metals - United States of America
Stand E45
Ensitech - Australia
Stand B42
Era srl - Italy
Stand J15
ESC Burg GmbH - Germany
Stand H74
Exaton c/o ESAB France - France
Stand B02
Feiting Pipe Engineering Co., Ltd - China
Stand B40
FeNiXS Steel NV - Belgium
Stand G69
FeoClean - Australia
Stand MW115
fischer group - Germany
Stand G50
Foshan Encheng Hardware Industrial Co.,Ltd - China
Stand G82
Foshan Gaoming Jiefengyu Metal Products Co., Ltd. - China
Stand J24
Stand D86
Foshan Vinmay Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd. - China
Stand B63
Foshan Vinmay Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd. - China
Stand F07
Friggi Cutting Solution srl - Italy
Stand MW201
G.E.A. srl - Italy
Stand F74
Gemini Corporation NV - Belgium
Stand H54
Gerber Steel GmbH - Germany
Stand H86
Giussani Abrasivi Srl - Italy
Stand E51
Göktürkler Çelik A.Ş. - Turkey
Stand F54
Grupo Lapuente S.A. - Spain
Stand E69
Guangdong Sumwin New Material Group Co., Ltd - China
Stand D64
Hammerschmiede Jäckel Müller GmbH - Germany
Stand E85
HandyTube Corporation - United States of America
Stand C89
Harald Pihl AB - Sweden
Stand E29
Hart b.v. - Netherlands, The
Stand E40
Heavy Metal & Tubes (India) Pvt. Ltd. - India
Stand B76
Hebels Staalservice B.V. - Netherlands, The
Stand C06
Hego Stainless Steel & Aluminium - Netherlands, The
Stand E73
HEK Hansa Edelstahl Kontor GmbH - Germany
Stand J13
Helaxa BVBA - Belgium
Stand G86
Hempel Special Metals GmbH - Germany
Stand J20
HENKEL Beiz- und Elektropoliertechnik GmbH & Co. KG - Germany
Stand J21
Hilton Metal Forging Ltd - India
Stand C82
Hindustan Inox Ltd - India
Stand F85
Hunan Xiangtou Goldsky Titanium Metal Co., Ltd. - China
Stand G76
HW-Inox GmbH - Germany
Stand E16
Iberjindal SL - Spain
Stand F60
ILTA Inox SpA - Italy
Stand E23
IMS Nederland B.V. - Netherlands, The
Stand J06
India Steel Works Limited - India
Stand E54
Industeel - ArcelorMittal group - France
Stand C05
Inox Laghi Srl - Italy
Stand B30
Intertubi SpA - Italy
Stand J26
INVEX AB - Sweden
Stand H87
Irestal Group - Spain
Stand G16
ISM - Ibero Stahl GmbH - Germany
Stand C02
Italfond SpA - Italy
Stand E50
J&J Alloys - United States of America
Stand H89
Jäckel + Co. Edelstahl Metalltechnik GmbH - Germany
Stand E85
Jacquet Metal Service - France
Stand D44
JAI Auto Pvt Ltd (JAPL Flanges) - India
Stand E90
Jay Jagdamba Limited - India
Stand F44
Jiangsu Daming Metal Products Co., Ltd. - China
Stand G23
Jiangsu Hongbao Group Co., Ltd. - China
Stand A72
Jiangsu Liankun Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. - China
Stand F86
Jiangsu Longyang Metal Technology Co., Ltd. - China
Stand G70
Jiangyin Kangrui Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd. - China
Stand B06
Jiangyin Long Run Flange Co.,Ltd. - China
Stand E07
Jindal Quality Tubular Limited - India
Stand F67
Jindal Stainless Limited - India
Stand F60
JMB - Steel s.r.o. - Czech Republic
Stand B65
Jörg Machines BV - Netherlands, The
Stand MW106
Jyoti Steel Industries - India
Stand B44
Kobelco Steel Tube Co., Ltd. - Japan
Stand C20
Stand C67
KRYSTAL Global Engineering Ltd - India
Stand F73
L.C.M.A.- Luxembourg Company of Metals and Alloys S.A. - Luxembourg
Stand F75
Stand H73
La Meusienne Stainless Steel Tubes - France
Stand E05
Laxcon Steels Limited - India
Stand F50
Loeser GmbH - Germany
Stand H30
Lovere Bilbao I, S.L - Spain
Stand H65
LSI Lamiere Speciali Inox SpA - Italy
Stand G53
LST - Linster Stainless Trading GmbH - Germany
Stand J36
Luoyang Sunrui Titanium Precision Casting Co.,Ltd. - China
Stand A62
Maass Special Alloys Nederland B.V. - Netherlands, The
Stand A60
MAC Piping Materials Sdn Bhd - Malaysia
Stand H64
Machinefabriek Heerbaart B.V. - Netherlands, The
Stand H76
Mangalam Alloys Limited - India
Stand B75
Mannesmann Stainless Tubes GmbH - Germany
Stand D39
Marcegaglia Specialities SpA - Italy
Stand D15
Maxim Tubes Co. Pvt. Ltd. - India
Stand D60
Maxvalue Industries Co., Ltd. - China
Stand B32
MBM Tubes Pvt. Ltd. - India
Stand G74
MCB Specials - Netherlands, The
Stand F82
MDM d.o.o. - Slovenia
Stand D06
Messe Düsseldorf GmbH - Germany
Stand H61
Mikas Stainless Steels PTE LTD - Singapore
Stand H86
Mondiale nv - Belgium
Stand MW108
Montanstahl AG - Switzerland
Stand G19
MSE Machines - Netherlands, The
Stand MW202
MW Metal Industry Ltd - China
Stand G60
Nav Bharat Tubes Ltd - India
Stand G52
Neotiss - France
Stand H48
Neta Steel B.V. - Netherlands, The
Stand E10
New Finishing Srl - Italy
Stand F68
Nibro BV - Netherlands, The
Stand E52
NichelcromLab - Italy
Stand D68
NICROMAL Edelstahl & Metallhandel GmbH - Germany
Stand B04
Nikel Stainless Steel Service Center - Turkey
Stand H23
Nippon Steel Corporation - Japan
Stand G40
Nippon Steel Stainless Steel Corporation - Japan
Stand G38
Nippon Yakin Kogyo Co Ltd - Japan
Stand B53
Nironit Edelstahlhandel GmbH & Co. KG - Germany
Stand J35
Nitty-Gritty Srl - Italy
Stand MW109
NobelClad A DMC Company - United States of America
Stand J45
Nords International AB - Sweden
Stand E75
Nova Trading SA - Poland
Stand C81
NOVACEL GmbH - Germany
Stand E08
NUOVA HPT Srl - Italy
Stand H19
Oba Stainless - Turkey
Stand B34
Officine Orsi SpA - Italy
Stand D52
Oiki Acciai Inossidabili SpA - Italy
Stand B74
Olimpia Inox - Italy
Stand H08
OSCAR Production Group Ltd - Ukraine
Stand F70
OSTP Holding OY - Netherlands, The
Stand F36
Outokumpu Oyj - Finland
Stand C50
PA Inc - United States of America
Stand G28
Padana Tubi & Profilati Acciaio SpA - Italy
Stand J40
Pantech Stainless & Alloy Industries Sdn. Bhd - Malaysia
Stand F46
PARAS Engineering Works (Mumbai) Pvt. Ltd - India
Stand E67
Paul Meijering Metalen bv - Netherlands, The
Stand H40
PCM Technology Oy - Finland
Stand E11
PETIG Edelstahlhandel GmbH - Germany
Stand J31
Philipex Trading Ltd - Bulgaria
Stand B08
PipeXtra Stainless Ltd - United Kingdom
Stand J37
Pollstar Communications - Australia
Stand MW115
Proform - France
Stand D11
Q-fin - Netherlands, The
Stand MW208
Quarto Deutschland GmbH - Germany
Stand D51
Quest 4 Alloys Ltd - United Kingdom
Stand H09
R. Kind GmbH - Germany
Stand F43
Raajratna Ventures Ltd. - India
Stand C69
Raccortubi Group - Italy
Stand F40
Ratnadeep Metal & Tubes Ltd - India
Stand B81
Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Ltd - India
Stand B60
Stand B82
Remystahl GmbH & Co. KG - Germany
Stand H20
RFSG - Rostfrei-Stahl Geisweid GmbH - Germany
Stand D07
Rimex Metals (UK) Ltd. - United Kingdom
Stand G01
Rimjhim Ispat Ltd - India
Stand C60
Roba Metals bv - Netherlands, The
Stand G06
Rohrbogen AG - Switzerland
Stand F64
Ronconi SpA - Italy
Stand F35
RTI Industries - France
Stand D12
RUSPOLYMET GmbH i.Gr. - Germany
Stand H01
S + D METALS GmbH - Germany
Stand H43
Stand H71
S&N Stainless Pipeline Products Ltd - United Kingdom
Stand G29
Sabe Forni Srl - Italy
Stand F61
Sachin Steel Inc - United States of America
Stand F57
Sadel Stainless Steel - Belgium
Stand B38
Salzgitter Mannesmann International GmbH - Germany
Stand E53
Salzgitter Mannesmann Stahlhandel GmbH - Germany
Stand E53
Sandmeyer Steel Company - United States of America
Stand G44
Sandvik Materials Technology - Sweden
Stand C26
Sankyo & Co., Ltd. - Japan
Stand D05
Stand E35
Schmidt + Clemens GmbH + Co. KG (Edelstahlwerk Kaiserau) - Germany
Stand G49
Schmidt Edelstahl GmbH - Germany
Stand G07
Schoeller Werk GmbH & Co. KG - Germany
Stand F08
SciAps Europe - Netherlands, The
Stand D89
Scoda Tubes Ltd - India
Stand E60
Shaanxi Lasting Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. - China
Stand B73
Shaanxi Tian Cheng Aerospace Co., Ltd. - China
Stand G31
Shaanxi Yi Heng Non-Ferrous Metals Industries Co., Ltd. - China
Stand B20
Stand H51
Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. (TISCO) - China
Stand F16
Sia-mpl srl - Italy
Stand H22
Siderinox SpA - Italy
Stand D02
Siderval SpA - Italy
Stand E06
SIJ Slovenian Steel Group d.d. - Slovenia
Stand D54
SIPI Societá Italiana Profilati Inossidabili SpA - Italy
Stand B74
SNA Europe [Benelux] BV - Bahco - Netherlands, The
Stand MW105
Snel Staal BV - Netherlands, The
Stand J07
Soitaab Impianti srl - Italy
Stand MW201
SpecialSteelStock - C.S.C. S.p.A - Italy
Stand F28
Srinox BVBA - Belgium
Stand G46
Stainless Steel World - Netherlands, The
Stand 000
Stalatube Oy - Finland
Stand C15
STAPPERT Deutschland GmbH - Germany
Stand D43
Starfit China Ltd - Hong Kong
Stand J34
STAROFIT Klose GmbH & Co. KG - Germany
Stand E44
Steamline Industries Ltd - India
Stand B59
Steel Color SpA - Italy
Stand C63
Steelcom Fittings Srl - Italy
Stand J39
STS Paslanmaz Boru Üretim ve Pazarlama A.Ş - Turkey
Stand F03
Style CNC Machines - Netherlands, The
Stand MW208
Superon Schweisstechnik India Ltd - India
Stand A64
Suraj Limited - India
Stand H44
Surface Engineering Srl - Italy
Stand G64
Sverdrup Steel - Norway
Stand B29
Synergy Steels Ltd. - India
Stand D74
Ta Chen Stainless Pipe Co., Ltd. - Taiwan, ROC
Stand H58
Techno Trade LLC - Russia
Stand C86
Tecnica Tre Srl - Italy
Stand G24
Stand F81
Teuling Staal bv - Netherlands, The
Stand C44
Thai-German Products Public Co Ltd - Thailand
Stand C64
Thermo Fisher Scientific - Germany
Stand D82
Tianjin Elegant Technology Co., Ltd. - China
Stand G81
Timesavers International B.V - Netherlands, The
Stand E43
Titalia SpA - Italy
Stand H33
Titanium Consulting & Trading srl - Italy
Stand F53
Stand J12
Stand C73
Tubacex SA - Spain
Stand C16
TubiSteel S.r.l. - Italy
Stand F31
TW Metals Ltd - United Kingdom
Stand J05
Uniti Titanium - France
Stand G32
Valbruna Group - Germany
Stand J39
Van Leeuwen Stainless - Netherlands, The
Stand C44
Varzene Metal San.Tic.Ltd.Şti - Turkey
Stand G35
VDM Metals International GmbH - Germany
Stand E82
Venus Wire Industries Pvt Ltd - India
Stand E63
Vinlong Stainless Steel (Vietnam) Co.,Ltd. - Vietnam
Stand J30
Viraj Profiles Ltd - India
Stand B64
Virgilio Cena & Figli SpA - Italy
Stand J26
voestalpine BÖHLER Bleche GmbH & Co KG - Austria
Stand E19
Voß Edelstahlhandel GmbH & Co KG - Germany
Stand B16
Walzwerke Einsal GmbH - Germany
Stand B22
Wenzhou Bozhong Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. - China
Stand E86
Wenzhou Tianyue Fluid Equipment Science & Technology Co.,Ltd - China
Stand H82
Stand G65
WT Westtube LDA - Portugal
Stand H63
Wuxi Tianxing Steel Co.,Ltd - China
Stand F65
Xi’an Jinhao New Metal Materials Co., Ltd - China
Stand A66
Stand H70
XOM Materials GmbH - Germany
Stand G05
Yeou Yih Steel Co., Ltd. - Taiwan, ROC
Stand G63
YU-TING Industrial Co., Ltd - Taiwan, ROC
Stand F05
Z.T.W. Explomet Gałka, Szulc Sp.j. - Poland
Stand H83
Zeiss GmbH - Germany
Stand G85
Zenith-Christos Dimitrakopoulos & Co. - Greece
Stand F59
Zhangjiagang Hailong Trade Co., Ltd. - China
Stand F76
Stand C90
Zhejiang Jiuli Hi-Tech Metals Co., Ltd. - China
Stand D50
Zhejiang Shenji Titanium Industry Co.,Ltd. - China
Stand G62
Zhejiang Tenglong Stainless Steel Products Co.,Ltd - China
Stand G56
Zhejiang Tsingshan Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. - China
Stand C30
Zirom SA - Romania
Stand G73
Zwahlen & Mayr SA (ZM Tubes) - Switzerland
Stand H47
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