Exhibitor list

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A.Jorge Lima, Lda - Portugal
Stand S554
Acciai Speciali Terni S.p.A. - Italy
Stand S405
Aceralava SA, Aceria de Alava S.A. - Spain
Stand S115
Acerinox sa - Spain
Stand S206
Acroni doo - Slovenia
Stand S803
Adfit Advanced Fittings Pvt Ltd - India
Stand S734
Albrecht Zwick GmbH - Germany
Stand S249
Alok Ingots (Mumbai) Pvt. Ltd - India
Stand S732
Amari Metals Ltd - United Kingdom
Stand S232
Ambica Stainless Steels Limited - India
Stand S702
Ambica Steels Limited - India
Stand N368
Anhui Jutai Stainless Steel Co., Ltd - China
Stand S715
Aperam Stainless Europe - Belgium
Stand S207
Arc Energy Resources Ltd - United Kingdom
Stand S500
Arcus Nederland bv - Netherlands, The
Stand S708
AVESKA-Edelstahl GmbH - Germany
Stand S829
Avtar Steel Limited - India
Stand S505
BAHCO - Spain
Stand S524
Baltinox MV Steel Group - Lithuania
Stand S700
Baofeng Steel Group Co., Ltd - China
Stand N361
Baoji Hongju Titanium Industry Co., Ltd, - China
Stand N467
Baoji Hongsen Titanium Metal Manufactory Co.,Ltd - China
Stand S450
Stand S451
Bercellesi Berinox srl - Italy
Stand S306
Bhandari Foils & Tubes Ltd - India
Stand S750
BIBUS Metals AG - Switzerland
Stand S724
Binder Edelstahl Produktionsges.mbH - Germany
Stand S203
BÖHLER Bleche GmbH & Co KG - Austria
Stand S419
Böllinghaus Steel GmbH - Germany
Stand S800
BRG Group - India
Stand S604
Bristol Metals LLC - United States of America
Stand N474
Brown McFarlane - United Kingdom
Stand S425
Brück - Netherlands, The
Stand N064
Bruker Elemental GmbH - Germany
Stand S807
BTH Import Stal - Poland
Stand N560
BUHLMANN Rohr-Fittings-Stahlhandel GmbH + Co KG - Germany
Stand S119
Butting - Germany
Stand S243
C.C.T. Inox S.p.A. - Italy
Stand S827
Cangzhou Beyond Metal Products Co., Ltd. - China
Stand S502
Cangzhou Huayi Precision Casting Co., Ltd. - China
Stand S704
Stand S820
Cangzhou Shengxiong Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd. - China
Stand S522
Centravis Sales Switzerland S.A. - Ukraine
Stand S239
Century Steel Pte Ltd - Singapore
Stand S811
Chandan Steel Ltd - India
Stand S139
Chia Far Industrial Factory Co Ltd - Taiwan, ROC
Stand N568
China Huaxia Special Metal Ltd. - China
Stand S254
Chromstahl GmbH - Germany
Stand S813
Chun & Vollerin srl - Italy
Stand S814
Cogne Acciai Speciali SpA - Italy
Stand S523
Combilift - Ireland
Stand S551
Costa Levigatrici SpA - Italy
Stand N567
CSAI Centro Servizio Acciai Inox SpA - Italy
Stand S114
CSM Benelux SA - Luxembourg
Stand S628
Dacapo Stainless BV - Netherlands, The
Stand S709
Damstahl GmbH - Germany
Stand S743
Divine Tubes Pvt Ltd - India
Stand S251
Dongtai City Yuanyang Stainless Steel Manufacture Co,.Ltd - China
Stand S648
Echjay Forgings Pvt. Ltd - India
Stand N461
Ecor Spa - Italy
Stand N162
Elektrode Jesenice d.o.o. - Slovenia
Stand S803
Elfe Stainless Steel Flanges - France
Stand S601
Energy Metals - United States of America
Stand S445
Ensitech - Australia
Stand S140
ERA Metalurji - Turkey
Stand S603
Stand S138
Erne Fittings GmbH - Austria
Stand S842
ESG Edelstahl-Schneidservice-GmbH - Germany
Stand S351
European Mold & Form Tec S.L. - Germany
Stand S722
Exova - United Kingdom
Stand S134
FeNiXS Steel NV - Belgium
Stand N372
Ferespe - Portugal
Stand S554
Flanschenwerk Bebitz GmbH - Germany
Stand N166
FOMAS Group - Italy
Stand S310
Foshan Vinmay Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd. - China
Stand N171
Fujian Wolong Pipe & Valve Manufacture Co., Ltd. - China
Stand S612
Giussani Abrasivi Srl - Italy
Stand N567
Göktürkler - Turkey
Stand S818
Good Luck Engineering Co. - India
Stand S723
Grande-Tek Flow Control Co., Ltd - China
Stand S128
Griffon & Romano SpA - Italy
Stand S354
Grupo Lapuente - Spain
Stand N465
Hamel Metaal bv - Netherlands, The
Stand N569
Harald Pihl AB - Sweden
Stand S429
Hart b.v. - Netherlands, The
Stand S339
Hego Stainless Steel & Aluminium - Netherlands, The
Stand S356
Helaxa BVBA - Belgium
Stand S632
Hilton Metal Forgings Ltd - India
Stand N463
HW-Inox GmbH - Germany
Stand S635
IBF S.p.A. - Italy
Stand S115
Ieronimakis Inox sa - Greece
Stand N575
ILJIN Steel Corporation - South Korea
Stand S757
ILTA Inox S.p.A - Italy
Stand S423
IML Nederland - Netherlands, The
Stand S543
India Steel Works Ltd. - India
Stand S455
Industeel - ArcelorMittal group - France
Stand S207
Inox Laghi srl - Italy
Stand S528
Intras Limited - United Kingdom
Stand S719
Irestal Group - Spain
Stand S614
ISM - Ibero Stahl GmbH - Germany
Stand S401
Isotubi sl - Spain
Stand N465
Italfond SpA - Italy
Stand S349
Italinox s.r.o. - Czech Republic
Stand S618
J & J Alloys - United States of America
Stand S132
Jacquet Nederland bv - Netherlands, The
Stand S518
Jiangsu Chenming Stainless Steel Co., Ltd - China
Stand N571
Jiangsu Daming Metal Products Co Ltd - China
Stand S623
Jiangyin Guoxiang Forging Co; Ltd - China
Stand N574
Jiangyin Kangrui Stainless Steel Products Co Ltd - China
Stand S104
Jiangyin Longrun Flange Co.,Ltd. - China
Stand S409
Jiaxing MT Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. - China
Stand N661
Jindal Quality Tubular Ltd - India
Stand S553
Jindal Stainless - India
Stand S202
Jyoti Steel Industries - India
Stand S142
KCI Publishing BV - Netherlands, The
Stand S223
KÖNIG + CO. GmbH - Germany
Stand S805
KRYSTAL Steel Manufacturing Private Limited - India
Stand N275
L.C.M.A. S.A - Luxembourg
Stand S504
Laxcon Steels Ltd - India
Stand S548
Loeser GmbH - Germany
Stand S728
LST - Linster Stainless Trading GmbH - Germany
Stand S834
Luoyang Sunrui Titanium - China
Stand N066
Maass Global Group – Wilhelm Maass - Germany
Stand N068
Marcegaglia SpA - Italy
Stand S315
Marinox d.o.o. - Croatia
Stand N162
Maxim Tubes Co. Pvt. Ltd. - India
Stand S454
Maxvalue Industries Co Ltd - China
Stand S130
Messe Düsseldorf GmbH - Germany
Stand S304
Metal Ravne - Slovenia
Stand S803
Metalotrofa - Portugal
Stand S554
Millstock Stainless Ltd - United Kingdom
Stand S835
Montanstahl AG - Switzerland
Stand S621
Nichelcrom Acciai Inox S.p.A. - Italy
Stand S408
NICROMAL Edelstahl & Metallhandel GmbH - Germany
Stand S400
Nihat Uyar - Turkey
Stand N072
Nikel Stainless Steel Service Center - Turkey
Stand S655
Nippon Steel & Sumikin Stainless Steel Corporation - NSSC - Japan
Stand S634
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation - Japan
Stand S640
Nippon Yakin Kogyo Co., Ltd. - Japan
Stand S155
NIRO Wenden GmbH - Germany
Stand S354
Nobelclad - United States of America
Stand S549
Nova Trading sa - Poland
Stand N268
Novacel GmbH - Germany
Stand S406
Noxon Stainless bv - Netherlands, The
Stand S340
NUOVA H.P.T. S.r.l. - Italy
Stand S721
Officine Orsi SpA - Italy
Stand S736
Oiki S.p.a - Italy
Stand S718
Olimpia INOX s.r.l - Italy
Stand S529
Olimpia Surface - Italy
Stand S529
Olympus - France
Stand S747
OSCAR Production Group - Ukraine
Stand N167
OSTP Sweden Ab - Sweden
Stand S532
Outokumpu Oyj - Finland
Stand S248
Oxford Instruments Analytical GmbH - Germany
Stand S832
PA Inc - United States of America
Stand S624
Packo Surface Treatment - Belgium
Stand S106
Padana Tubi & Profilati Acciaio SpA - Italy
Stand N360
Paras Bhavani Steel Pvt Ltd. - India
Stand N561
Paul Meijering Metalen bv - Netherlands, The
Stand S739
PCM Technology Oy - Finland
Stand S411
Peter Holzrichter GmbH - Germany
Stand S200
Philipex Co - Bulgaria
Stand S600
Pipextra Stainless Ltd - United Kingdom
Stand S831
Stand S733
POLIGRAT GmbH - Germany
Stand S729
Polysoude sas - France
Stand S825
Prakash Steelage Ltd - India
Stand S443
Proform - France
Stand S311
Quality Stainless Pvt Ltd (INDIA) - India
Stand S553
Quest 4 Alloys Ltd - United Kingdom
Stand S835
Raajratna Ventures Ltd. - India
Stand N261
Raccortubi - Italy
Stand S439
RathGibson - United States of America
Stand S131
Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Ltd - India
Stand N160
RFSG - Rostfrei-Stahl Geisweid GmbH - Germany
Stand S307
Rimjhim Ispat Ltd - India
Stand N272
Roba Metals bv - Netherlands, The
Stand S602
Ronconi SpA - Italy
Stand S526
RTI Industries - France
Stand S843
S + D Spezialstahl Handelsgesellschaft mbH - Germany
Stand N374
S&N Stainless - United Kingdom
Stand S629
Sadel Stainless Steel - Belgium
Stand S224
Salem Tube Inc - United States of America
Stand S115
Salzgitter Mannesmann Stainless Tubes GmbH - Germany
Stand S338
Sandmeyer Steel Company - United States of America
Stand S642
Sandvik Materials Technology - Sweden
Stand N260
Sanghvi Forging & Engineering Ltd - India
Stand S253
SANHA GmbH & Co. KG - Germany
Stand S828
Sankyo & Co., Ltd. - Japan
Stand S305
Saritas Stainless Steel - Turkey
Stand S431
SBE bv - Netherlands, The
Stand N564
Schmidt + Clemens GmbH - Germany
Stand S205
Schmidt Edelstahl GmbH - Germany
Stand N075
Schmolz + Bickenbach B.V. - Netherlands, The
Stand S810
Schoeller-Bleckmann Edelstahlrohr GmbH - Austria
Stand S115
Scoda Tubes Ltd - India
Stand N172
Seaminox nv - Belgium
Stand S740
Shaanxi Lasting Titanium Industry Co Ltd - China
Stand N173
Shaanxi Rongyuan Industrial Developement Co Ltd - China
Stand N467
Shaanxi Yi Heng Non-Ferrous Metals Industries Co.,Ltd. - China
Stand S555
Shalco Industries Pvt Ltd - India
Stand S350
Shanghai ShangShang Stainless Steel Tube Co.,Ltd - China
Stand S657
Shanghai Yinhuan International Trading Co.,Ltd. - China
Stand S812
Shree Jay Jagdamba Stainless Steel Ltd. - India
Stand S441
Siderinox SpA - Italy
Stand S301
Siderval SPA - Italy
Stand S404
SIJ Group - Slovenia
Stand S803
SIPI S.p.a - Italy
Stand S718
SMI– Steel Market Intelligence GmbH - Austria
Stand S102
SMR – Steel & Metals Market Research GmbH - Austria
Stand S102
SMR Group - Steels & Metals Market Intelligence - Austria
Stand S102
SMR Premium GmbH- High Value Market Research - Germany
Stand S102
Snel Staal bv - Netherlands, The
Stand S809
Songyang Jiyang Steel Co., Ltd - China
Stand N563
SOSTA - Netherlands, The
Stand S708
SpecialSteelStock - C.S.C. S.p.A - Italy
Stand S526
Spectro Analytical Instruments GmbH - Germany
Stand S507
Srinox BVBA - Belgium
Stand S644
Stahlkontor Hahn Branch of ThyssenKrupp Schulte GmbH - Germany
Stand S414
Stainalloy Nederland bv - Netherlands, The
Stand N460
Stainlessinox International - United Arab Emirates
Stand N060
Stalatube Oy - Finland
Stand S215
STAPPERT Deutschland GmbH - Germany
Stand S341
Starfit China Ltd - Hong Kong
Stand N071
STAROFIT Klose GmbH & Co. KG - Germany
Stand S342
Steamline Industries Ltd - India
Stand S714
Steel Aiids Enterprise P Limited - India
Stand S717
Steel Color SpA - Italy
Stand S633
Steel Port Maastricht - Netherlands, The
Stand N761
Steelcom Fittings S.r.l. - Italy
Stand S201
SteelPort Maastricht - Netherlands, The
Stand N761
Stand N267
Suraj Limited - India
Stand S741
Surface Engineering srl - Italy
Stand N263
SUZ d.o.o. - Slovenia
Stand S803
Sverdrup Steel - Norway
Stand S109
TECNICA TRE s.r.l. - Italy
Stand S622
Teknik Metal as - Turkey
Stand S605
Tenglong Group - China
Stand S557
Teuling Staal bv - Netherlands, The
Stand S143
Thai-German Products Public Co Ltd - Thailand
Stand N266
Thermo Scientific Niton Analyzers - Germany
Stand S226
ThyssenKrupp Christon N.V. - Belgium
Stand S414
ThyssenKrupp Materials International GmbH - Germany
Stand S414
ThyssenKrupp Materials Nederland B.V. - Netherlands, The
Stand S414
Timesavers International B.V - Netherlands, The
Stand S440
TISCO - China
Stand S415
Titalia S.P.A. - Italy
Stand S731
Titanium Consulting & Trading srl - Italy
Stand S630
TMK-INOX, LLC - Russia
Stand N269
Tool Peaks Industries Limited - China
Stand N570
TrafiTec s.r.l. - Italy
Stand S839
TTA Tubacex Taylor Accesorios sa - Spain
Stand S115
TTI Tubacex Tubos Inoxidables S.A - Spain
Stand S115
Tubacex - Spain
Stand S115
Tubacex Prakash - Spain
Stand S115
TubiSteel S.r.l. - Italy
Stand S531
Valbruna Edel Inox GmbH - Germany
Stand S815
Valbruna Nederland bv - Netherlands, The
Stand S815
Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube - Netherlands, The
Stand S143
Van Leeuwen Stainless - Netherlands, The
Stand S143
Varzene Metal - Turkey
Stand S533
VDM Metals GmbH - Germany
Stand S129
Venus Wire Industries Pvt Ltd - India
Stand N753
Viganò International S.r.l. - Italy
Stand S125
Villares Metals International B.V. - Netherlands, The
Stand S230
Viraj Profiles Ltd - India
Stand N166
Voß Edelstahlhandel GmbH & Co KG - Germany
Stand S110
Voss Stainless Iberia SL - Spain
Stand S110
VSMPO - Avisma Corporation - - Russia
Stand N169
Walzwerke Einsal GmbH - Germany
Stand S120
Webco Industries Inc - United States of America
Stand S755
Wenzhou Jiangnan Steel Pipe Manufacturing Co Ltd - China
Stand S136
Stand S742
Wowtech Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. - China
Stand S510
Wuxi Baochang Metal Products Co.,Ltd. - China
Stand S838
Xi'an Jinhao New Metal Materials Co., Ltd - China
Stand S817
Yantai Oriental Stainless Steel Industry Co., Ltd. - China
Stand S822
Yongxing Special Stainless Steel Co., Ltd - China
Stand S649
Zhangjiagang Huari Flange Co.,Ltd. - China
Stand N570
Zhejiang Good Fittings Co., Ltd - China
Stand S116
Zhejiang Jiuli Hi-Tech Metals Co., Ltd. - China
Stand S348
Zhejiang Lisin Fluid Machinery Co., Ltd. - China
Stand N566
Zhejiang Shimei Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. - China
Stand S108
Zhejiang Stellar Global Co.Ltd - China
Stand N366
Zhejiang Tsingshan Steel Pipe Co Ltd - China
Stand S608
Zhejiang Yuantong Stainless Steel Co., Ltd - China
Stand S100
Zwahlen & Mayr SA (ZM Tubes) - Switzerland
Stand S701
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