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Ray Corduwener
The Stainless Steel World Academy presents

The course has been developed to introduce and guide newcomers and/or even those wishing to re fresh ‘old’ knowledge, through today’s stainless steel industry.

It is ideal for those whose background is not metallurgical but who are moving into a position where a basic knowledge of stainless steels and their associated terminology and jargon is essential in order to perform well in daily work-realted activities. Moreover, a greater understanding of the underlying themes of the subject matter will not only improve business performance but will also give participants more enjoyment in their work.

The course will start by giving a background to how and why stainless steels were discovered, what makes them ‘stainless’, in what applications are they used and why, what are their properties, how are they made and produced, why do stainless steels differ in composition, as well as the topic of ‘finishing’ of their surfaces’, and how they corrode.

The course is run over five easily digestible sessions of one hour. Being relatively short, it is easier for participants to fit them in to their busy, normal workday schedules. Each session module is self-contained and there is time available during each topic for participants to ask questions and obtain answers, which meet their needs.

Webinar session 1:
(a) What are stainless steels
1. Introduction video stainless steels
2. Introduction of the self-passivation
3. Introduction to the different phases

(b) The family of stainless steels and its metallurgy
1. The family tree of stainless steels
2. The influence of nickel
3. Examples of different stainless steels

You can watch the entire first session for free by clicking this link!
Webinar session 2:

(c) The influence of chemical elements
1. The most important chemical elements
2. The influence of the elements
3. The influence of S and P

(d) Mechanical properties of stainless steels
1. The huge difference in mechanical properties from the types
2. The forming capabilities of stainless steels
3. The influence of temperature on strength

Webinar session 3:

(e) Quality control during fabrication of stainless steels
1. QA/QC requirements for working with Stainless Steel
2. What are special processes
3. Heat treatment of stainless steels

(f) Joining stainless steels
1. Welding processes
2. The complex heat affected zone
3. Other joining methods
Webinar session 4:

(g) Surfaces finishes for stainless steels
1. The different conditions and finishes
2. Contamination and what to do?
3. Polishing

(h) Corrosion resistance of stainless steels
1. Corrosion is a complex subject
2. What is PREn?
3. The relation between fabrication and corrosion resistance

Webinar session 5:

(i) Greenness through 100% recyclability
1. Environmental
2. Social
3. Economic

(j) My lessons learned
1. Cold & hot forming related
2. Hot only forging related
3. What is sigma phase – austenite Spacing – residual stress?

Dates, Time & Pricing:

The Stainless Steel Essentials Course was conducted during July 2020. The sessions have been recorded and cleaned up where possible. You can now purchase the entire series and watch at your leisure.
The first stainless steel webinar session is free to watch on this page. The price for the full course is €149.
Stainless Steel World Webinars - session 1

Additional information:

For further information regarding the Stainless Steel World Essentials Course please contact Mr
Erik Schoppema:  e.schoppema@kci-world.com Tel: + 31 (0) +575 585 293

About Raymond Cordewener
Raymond Cordewener graduated as Mechanical Engineer and fulfilled many technical and managerial functions with several companies. He has a solid materials & metallurgical knowledge and experience in the fields of forming, forging & casting and (multi-layer)-welding of dis(similar) materials and clad materials. He has performed a lot of R&D. Raymond started his management & consultancy company in 2005. 
Consultancy in: heattreatment, metallurgy, cold and hot forming, forging and (overlay) welding of materials. CNC-recording & playback, including workmanship, of production-machines is a recent development. 
Management in: QA, productivity- /quality improvement in industries. Raymond also acts as project QA/QC/QE/QM. 
Raymond is member of the steering committees of Stainless Steel World and Duplex Stainless Steels Conferences. He is driven to transfer knowledge by giving trainings, workshops and masterclasses in his fields of expertise.