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We make the difference: the Stainless Steel World News is more than just an ordinary newspaper. We aim to provide the stainless steel industry with up-to-date market and trading news. Targeted at the global stainless steel and special metals community, Stainless Steel World News informs you about the latest market updates, company developments, industry events, products, and projects worldwide.

Stainless Steel World News use the unique concept of KCI: The cross medial four-channel strategy. Four dedicated information channels were created: On-line, printed, live and research.

Apart from news on a daily basis, the On-line Media of Stainless Steel World News provides visitors a complete range of digital services, ranging from newsupdates, digital magazines, Buyers'Guide + Online etc.

The publication "Stainless Steel World News" is produced by the print channel, this publication is more than just an ordinary newspaper. It aims to provide the stainless steel industry with up-to-date market and trading news and informs readers about the latest market updates and company developments, industry events, products and projects worldwide.

The live channel targets global events where professionals can meet and exchange ideas and information. These platforms include conferences, seminars, exhibition with strong end-user input.

The research channel produce dedicated marketing or technical information, such as market reports, technical articles, industry books. You can find them all on our KCI webshop.

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