Ugitech expands its portfolio with ferritic materials

08 April 2021

Ugitech offers an extensive portfolio of stainless steel with ferromagnetic properties. The Swiss Steel Group company has many years of experience in steel production. Customers receive technical support when selecting materials and benefit from solutions that are individually adapted to the respective requirements. The ferritic and martensitic steels impress thanks to top quality, and are continuously tested and proven in numerous certified processes. 

The ferritic materials developed by Ugitech are particularly suitable for electromagnetic actuators thanks to their soft magnetic properties. They differ in terms of their relative magnetic permeability and resistance to pitting corrosion.

Ugitech’s steel grades are ideally suited for use in both sensors and actuators. The ferromagnetic material is available as a round bar, hexagonal steel or profile bar with different dimensions and can be processed by Ugitech if required.

Ugitech continuously tests the steel grades using standardised measuring instruments in certified procedures. The tests also include chemical analyses, metallographic examinations and non-destructive material tests. In this way, the specialist for long products made of stainless steel ensures that it fulfils customer requirements in the optimum way for the long term.