NST announce on expansion of stainless steel facilities

14 September 2020

Water Storage Tank provider, National Storage Tank announced the expansion of their Stainless Steel fabrication capabilities to accommodate a large and increasing demand for food-grade Stainless Steel tanks. 

Stainless Steel is the preferred choice for any Winery, Brewery, Vineyard, or Dairy operation in the country. The unique properties of Stainless Steel are ideal for any operation that needs to meet the strict regulatory requirement of the FDA to produce a product going into any consumer channel whether that is direct or through restaurants, hotels, or other retail establishments.

National Storage tank has also expanded their line of product offerings to include a larger selection of Wine Tanks, Fermentation Tanks, Stackable Wine Tanks, Juice Tanks, Welded Steel Tanks, Chemical and Fertilizer tanks, Cone Bottom tanks, Potable Water tanks, and even a new line of aluminum catwalks and mezzanines for the clients that need access to multiple configurations of tanks from an aerial vantage point.