Sulzer extends HST 30 with HST 30-58-8 and HST 30-38-2

29 June 2020

Sulzer has extended its highly popular HST 30 range of turbocompressors with the addition of two new models. The HST 30-58-8 and HST 30-38-2 offer increased flow and pressure respectively for applications in the wastewater industry. Together with a new, larger motor, the HST 30 range offers a cost-effective, efficient, and reliable solution for aeration applications. 

The HST 30-58-8 offers improved efficiency at lower pressures up to 75 kPa (10.5 psig) with an extended flow envelope up to 15,000 Nm3/h (9,400 SCFM). This model is also well-suited to the task of scouring membranes in membrane bioreactors (MBRs).

The HST 30-38-2 offers increased operating pressures up to 130 kPa (18.9 psig); the flow is correspondingly lower at 10,000 Nm3/h (6,500 SCFM).

The HST 30 range offers greater flow rates and peak operating pressures with the HST 30-46 performance being boosted to 12,400 Nm3/h (7,900 SCFM).

The HST 30 series offers several benefits in terms of efficiency and performance as well as integration with the latest communications protocols.