Uniper & Wärtsilä build a gas-drive power plant for swb

22 May 2020

Uniper will be working with the Finland-based Wärtsilä Group to build a gas-drive power plant for swb Bremen. The plant in Bremen-Hastedt will operate using nine Wärtsilä 31SG gas-drives, which will significantly contribute toward converting swb’s energy generation to natural gas. The facility has a planned generating capacity of 105 megawatts (MW); it will also supply the district heating system with 93 MW of thermal output. The project will get underway as soon as emission approvals have been issued. This is expected in the near future.

The Wärtsilä 31SG drive technology is specifically designed for variable power generation. It provides the means to react quickly to balance power generation and demand, thereby facilitating the integration of larger volumes of volatile power from renewable sources with no risk of downtime.

This project will help the state and city of Bremen in achieving its environmental targets. The conversion from coal to gas will allow swb to decrease CO2 emissions by up to 75%. The construction of co-generation plants (CHP) is an important element in de-centralizing power generation. Going forward, Uniper and Wärtsilä aim to pursue other joint projects of this kind.