Complete WTP commissioned at Nucor Steel

22 May 2020

Commissioning is complete for the water treatment plant engineered, manufactured, and installed at Nucor Steel, Sedalia minimill, Missouri, USA. The WTP was developed to serve the greenfield steel melt shop and rolling mill, in compliance with all applicable local standards (ASME, UL, NEMA, OSHA), fulfilling all contracted requirements, notably the environmental conditions.

The original WTP design includes a Zero-Scale Separator, so as to avoid digging a scale pit and thus reducing excavation cost, simplify the civil works requirement.

Danieli patented DanFilters perform with high filtration speed, achieving high efficiency in less overall space. A fiberglass tank was selected to allow a closed-circuit operation, rather than a concrete basin, further minimizing civil construction. The pumping station is comprised of vertical pumps to reduce the amount of piping needed, as well as civil work requirements.

To expedite construction and installation, the WTP components were assembled on skids at the Danieli workshop, with pre-assembled and installed valves and instrumentation. Package-type cooling towers were selected, also for simple and fast installation.