WeylChem invests in Speciality Chemicals Assets

24 March 2020

WeylChem Group of Companies announced an investment of more than five million € into the Speciality Chemicals Assets at its site WeylChem Lamotte, France. This includes upgrades of filters as well as an implementation of robotic elements for improved flexibility and cost-effectiveness. By doing so, the performance of the existing technical equipment and the overall flexibility will be increased fundamentally. 

The investment will be used for improving the Speciality Chemicals Assets, starting in 2020. Within this process, it is planned to install an acid-proof filter dryer to expand the capabilities towards the isolation of high-value chemicals in the sector of solids. Furthermore, the distillation toolbox for temperature-sensitive products will be expanded by a thin film evaporator out of stainless steel. Additionally to the existing, new equipment such as stainless steel reactors will be introduced to the site with the objective to create a multipurpose production line. WeylChem Lamotte will move further into the direction of automatization and use of robots in line with the industry 4.0 philosophy by bringing in a fully automatic solids filling and packaging line as well as automated cleaning systems of the plants for the new production train.