Polysoude develops communicative power sources

06 March 2020

The regulations and standards governing the tube sector demand ever more restricting levels of quality from the manufacturers. It is on the basis of this statement that for many years Polysoude has developed solutions, benefiting from this stable, reliable process, with or without filler wire, which can be used on all sorts of materials. The association of a great variety of welding heads with Polysoude power sources thus covers all tube weld configurations, ensuring a quality, a regularity and a repeatability which meet the complex requirements demanded by manufacturers. 

Among the latest developments, the power sources of the P4-P6 range now come with more options.

These modern, evolutionary power sources are now stamped “Ready Industry 4.0”. They can now be easily integrated in a modern factory or a connected worksite. Remote access enables the uploading of welding programs, the recovery of data and of all the documentation related to the welding programme.

These power sources, with or without a remote touchscreen, are perfectly adapted for welding applications in "clean rooms", as would be the case in the semiconductor industry or the pharmaceutical sector.