Outokumpu joins the ResponsibleSteel initiative

04 November 2019

Outokumpu is further strengthening its sustainability agenda by joining the ResponsibleSteel initiative. ResponsibleSteel is a global multi-stakeholder standard and certification initiative for the steel industry. The initiative is developing an independent certification standard that helps the steel industry to communicate about carbon footprint and other sustainability aspects of their products and operations to customers and other stakeholders.

Outokumpu aims to actively contribute to the development of the standard and its implementation to encourage the industry, customers and other stakeholders in the value chain to take a step further in sustainability.

Stainless steel is at the heart of the circular economy, and Outokumpu is the sustainability leader within this industry. Outokumpu’s stainless steel contains the highest share of recycled content on the market, over 85%, and it has set ambitious targets in reducing its carbon footprint.