3D Systems to conduct R&D for DMP of Nickel Alloys

05 November 2019

3D Systems (DDD) recently announced that it has been awarded a contract to conduct research and development of a Corrosion Performance Design Guide for Direct Metal Printing of Nickel Alloys. 3D Systems received the award based on its ability to thoroughly collect corrosion data and apply its expertise on the effects of various production practices associated with parts built via direct metal printing (DMP). The company’s particular technology is ideal for shipbuilding and munition fabrication due to its low oxygen content and superior part quality control. On this project effort, 3D Systems will collaborate with industry leaders - Newport News Shipbuilding and Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems - as well as nationally recognized corrosion experts at the University of Akron.

3D Systems, Newport News Shipbuilding, and Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems will identify the specific corrosion mechanisms that form the bulk of key Nickel alloy corrosion difficulties common to naval sea system platforms and high-speed weapons. The companies will support 240 corrosion tests with four different surface finishes, and four different heat treatments evaluating crevice, stress corrosion cracking, and galvanic corrosion modes.