Sumitomo Chemical acquires Emas Plastik A.S

12 August 2019

Sumitomo Chemical has acquired Emas Plastik A.S. and its affiliated companies a major plastic compounder group in Turkey through Sumika Polymer Compounds Europe Ltd., a Sumitomo Chemical's subsidiary, to further advance the global development of its polypropylene (PP) compound business.

PP compounds are high-performance materials made by kneading fillers like synthetic rubber, glass fibers, or inorganic fillers into PP to improve such parameters as impact resistance or stiffness according to target applications, such as automobile bumpers, interior components, or casing for white goods appliances.

Through this acquisition, Sumitomo Chemical will enhance its network of production and marketing to automobile and white goods appliance manufacturers in Turkey and will respond to the rising demand for products made from recycled materials in Europe, where environmental consciousness is very high.

Sumitomo Chemical will continue to work on further expanding its business through enhancing its global network of production and marketing of PP compounds to respond more speedily to customer needs.