Tenaris generate outstanding results on Culzean project

12 August 2019

Tenaris has pushed the limits of its high-pressure/high-temperature technology, and through precision in execution in testing, delivery, running and expert services, generated outstanding results for its work on Total’s Culzean project.

The Culzean gas field is located in the challenging waters of the North Sea, about 145 miles off the coast of Aberdeen. The field began production in June and is anticipated, at the peak, to provide 5% of the United Kingdom’s gas demand.

Tenaris supplied TenarisHydril Blue® Max and TenarisHydril Blue® Heavy Wall connections, and Dopeless® technology for the project’s complex wells in water depths of 90 m to production zones located about 4,500 m below the sea level with bottom hole pressure of 13,500 psi and bottom hole temperatures of 180 °C.

The use of Tenaris’s dry, multifunctional coating, Dopeless® technology, further enhanced the stand’s robustness in makeup, while offering the customer the environmental and safety benefits the product offers due to the absence of compound, making for a cleaner rig site, as well as generating total pipe cost savings.