Kern-Liebers, Expanite expand cooperation in China

18 February 2019

After successfully launching Expanite’s surface hardening technology for stainless steel in the Chinese market an year ago, KERN-LIEBERS and Expanite has signed a joint agreement, which will expand the product offerings available from KERN-LIEBERS´ facility in Taicang, China. The new agreement ensures that all Expanite processes for surface hardening of stainless steel will be available in China from the fall of 2019.

In November 2017, KERN-LIEBERS and Expanite signed the first license agreement which included KERN-LIEBERS installing equipment to executing Expanite’s hardening processes for martensitic stainless steels, also referred to as the ExpaniteHigh-T processes, at their Taicang facility near Shanghai, China. Now, approximately one year later, the Parties have agreed to expand the license agreement to also cover Expanite’s processes for austenitic, ferritic and duplex stainless steels, referred to as the ExpaniteLow-T and SuperExpanite processes, and thereby making it possible to offer the complete range of Expanite processes for stainless steel to Chinese and other Asian companies. The new installation is expected to be fully operational during Q4, 2019.