Atkins acquires PP&T segment of EnergySolutions

24 April 2016

Atkins, the design, engineering and project management consultancy, has recently acquired the Projects, Products and Technology (PP&T) segment of EnergySolutions after receiving the necessary North American regulatory approvals.

PP&T is an innovative 650-person nuclear business that delivers a wide range of technical engineering and programme management services for the decontamination and decommissioning of high hazard government nuclear facilities.

PP&T is a market leader in designing solutions for the treatment and stabilisation of high, intermediate and low level nuclear waste in North America. Its proven track record of executing large and complex projects provides Atkins with immediate access to Tier 1 (nuclear site management) government contracts for the management and decommissioning of nuclear sites in North America. The acquisition enhances Atkins’ market presence in the UK. PP&T’s skills and capabilities, combined with its proven Tier 1 track record, will also serve to strengthen Atkins’ positioning for future decommissioning opportunities across Europe.

At the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station in Japan, PP&T has provided technology for the cleanup of radioactivity contaminated water. Atkins has acquired PP&T for an enterprise value of USD 318M and will be funded through Atkins’ existing cash resources and available committed bank facilities.