Cortec® releases new brochure

07 March 2016

Cortec® has recently published a new brochure to combat the highly corrosive nature of the desalination industry. “VpCI® Technology For Desalination Industry” acknowledges the inherent risks for corrosion in the extremely high chloride environments of desalination plants and also proposes ways to protect these plants from the safety risks, process interruption, or plant shutdown that could result from corrosion.

Cortec® VpCIs and MCIs offer more effective and uninterrupted protection by the formation of continuous chemical bonds over metal surfaces. The brochure explains that Cortec® VpCIs can be added to systems at multiple points for versatile protection in the interphase, liquid phase, and vapor phase.

In the case of Cortec’s Nano VpCI™ coatings, even micro-cavities can be protected from the micro-corrosion that is possible with traditional coatings, which leave gaps in their protective layers due to the large relative size of corrosion inhibiting particles.

Cortec® Global Services offers innovative turnkey solutions for mitigating corrosion. Cortec® is able to transfer knowledge of best-in-class solutions from its experience providing zero defect, low-cost preservation across various industries. A basic buyer’s guide at the end of the brochure describes specific products that can be used in the desalination industry.