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The April 2020 issue of Stainless Steel World magazine included, in addition to regular features;

Hempel Special Metals: Alloy 24 resurrected to tackle demanding applications
Hempel Special Metals has resurrected Super austenite Alloy 24 and sees a bright future ahead for this material which is ideally suited to demanding applications such as marine scrubbers and the chemical process industry.

Where beauty meets function: the use of CRAs in architecture, building and construction
The ABC market is enormous, driven by urbanization, especially in the high-growth economies of Asia. Bridges, stations, airports, street furniture, sculpture and modern architecture all provide opportunities for stainless steel and titanium to shine. 

ASSDA fabricator project of the year 2019
Constructed by the family-owned engineering firm A&G Engineering, the Weilong Wines project won the Australian Stainless Steel Development Association (ASSDA) Fabricator Project of the Year.

Nickel makes a hard case for wind power
Wind power is a fast-growing energy sector, with almost 600 gigawatts in operation at the end of 2018, providing about 5% of global electricity demand.

Innovative stainless steel architecture
Stainless steel is renowned for its ability to elevate architecture, building and construction projects to a higher level. 

Tackling corrosion with bespoke research
The French Corrosion Institute) is a world-renowned research facility which carries out a huge array of projects for end-users and manufacturers from around the globe. 

Stainless Steel World Japan 2020
In June, Stainless Steel World conference and exhibition will be held in Japan for the first time ever. The event will focus on the stainless markets and industries of Japan and Asia. 

Understanding the principles of arc welding processes
Whilst welders generally are highly skilled in their own disciplines, there are some aspects of metal joining where a clear understanding is limited.

Steam reformer tubes; lifecycle and integrity management
Steam reformers are used in ammonia, methanol and hydrogen plants and are one of the most critical items of equipment in terms of the potential impact on safety and production in case of failure.

Outokumpu enters Sustainability Yearbook 2020
In February, Outokumpu was included in the Sustainability Yearbook 2020, indicating that the  company is now within the top 15% sustainability performers of the steel industry.

Material selection for subsea valves
Offshore exploration and production technologies have gradually expanded since the 1940s, and the venture for finding oil has moved to deep water. The demands on materials have also increased.

Louvre Abu Dhabi: A rain of light
In the Louvre Abu Dhabi, stainless steel not only protects precious artwork but becomes art itself. 

Metal powders derived from sustainable sources
A developer of microwave plasma technology for the production of advanced materials used in AM, lithium-ion batteries and other industrial markets, has launched the world’s first AM powders derived from sustainable sources.