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Kobelco become Maruichi; commitment to quality remains unchanged
On June 1, Kobelco Steel Tube Co., Ltd. changed its name to Maruichi Stainless Tube Co., Ltd. The company continues to provide a stable supply of high-quality seamless stainless pipes and tubes. It also produces high-growth products such as semiconductor bright annealed pipes and precision bright annealed tubes for direct injection automotive engines.

Sigma phase: a metallurgical challenge when welding duplex
While high strength was the focus of alloy development for many years, today a range of other properties are also essential. These include toughness, stiffness, hardness, ductility, and corrosion resistance.

Tri-ply metal clad plate for ultimate griddle performance
Clad plate materials offer a wide range of advantages in which the end product combines the best properties of each metal: strength, corrosion resistance, lightweight, cost, and thermal conductivity. As a result, clad products produce a material superior to any of the individual metals taken alone.

Welders beware: diversity in stainless steel
Many welding inspectors begin their careers working on manufacturing lines or in construction. Randall Stremmel began with aircraft carriers and submarines. From this auspicious start, he moved into the energy sector, completing oil and gas projects in Ohio and eventually Houston, Texas. He recently merged his consulting company with another to form Oso Partners. 

Weld overlay brings new life to distillation column
When one of Italy’s leading refineries found extensive corrosion in one of its crude distillation units it relied on Sulzer Chemtech’s tower maintenance expertise to repair its equipment and restore operations.

SpaceX welding from TWI
NASA’s SpaceX Demo-2 successful mission to validate the SpaceX crew transportation system was launched on May 31. The test flight paved the way for the certification of regular crew flights to the International Space Station, and technology developed by TWI (UK) played an integral role.

Stainless steels ideal for standard parts in the food & beverage industry
Hygiene, anti-corrosion and quick delivery remain key factors in the selection of standard parts and machine accessories for the food and beverage sector. Stainless steels are the optimum choice for this application.

Duplex World Seminar & Summit + Heat Exchanger World Europe 2021
Check out the advance conference program for the 2021 Duplex World event, which is being held co-currently with Heat Exchanger World Europe, in February 2021.

Grade 316 – the stainless workhorse for marine fasteners
Corrosion in marine environments can cause economic loss, environmental pollution and endanger health. Stainless grade 316 is popular for these demanding applications.

EPRI supports transfer of weld overlay technology to the Czech Republic
New technologies can lead to surprising benefits. In the nuclear power industry, the weld overlay offers a case in point. This repair procedure is used when there is stress corrosion cracking along or near a weld connection joining two pipes. 

Stainless pollen filters for athletes
Technical weavers GKD – Group are always on the lookout for new applications where metal mesh helps to make the world safer, cleaner, and healthier. Recently they focused on developing a pollen filter for Phantom Athletics training masks.