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The June 2020 issue of Stainless Steel World magazine included, in addition to regular features;

Energy Metals Inc.: rapid growth to better serve the industry

Energy Metals has been known as a master distributor for high-end alloys in the industrial sector for over a decade. The company has significantly increased market share through strategic acquisition, investment in inventory, and expanded capabilities.

Growth opportunities for superalloys
Extensive commercialisation and high R&D activities in industrial gas turbines and aerospace
are expected to lead adoption potential of superalloys.

LNG hits a bump in the road
The energy industries are among the most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The industry is faced with huge disruption across the supply chain. Long-term, however, the position of natural gas as a
transition between coal and renewables is not in doubt.

World nickel market in 2019 & Q1 2020: from deficit to surplus
A brief overview of recent developments based on the data published in the International Nickel Study Group) INSG’s World Nickel Statistics – May 2020 bulletin.

A gift for creating connections
Honest, focussed and inspirational: all words which apply in abundance to Mrs. Maria Jose Landeira Oestergaard. This charismatic Manager – Hardware Support Group, Mechanical Department, works for Danish company Haldor Topsoe.

Recovering critical metals from low-grade ores and waste
The METGROW+ project is addressing and solving bottlenecks in the European raw materials supply by developing innovative metallurgical technologies for unlocking the use of potential domestic raw materials.

Stainless steel profiles in the chemical industry
The use of duplex stainless steel began in the first quarter of the 20th century. However, its intensive use arose with the rapid development of requirements in the chemical industry in the 1980s.

Innovative tank fabrication
An innovative supplier in Slovenia has identified a niche market for high-quality stainless steel wine fermentation tanks with a difference; they look like eggs.

Global scarcity of structural titanium casting capacity
With the likelihood of more than 48,000 new (largely single aisle) aircraft being assembled over the next 20 years and a renaissance in the attractiveness of castings to design teams, concern is growing regarding global foundry capacity.

Service life of columns and bridges extended by 50 years
Peter Brabers, Senior Project Manager and consultant at Sitech Services, devised a unique solution to
extend the service life of the 3,500 columns of the vital pipe network by 50 years.

Home office: How the metal industry can leverage digitalization now
The once so traditional metal industry has suddenly being forced to shift to a home office setting. 

South Australia; a growing hi-tech defence manufacturing region
Metal additive manufacturing company Amaero International has launched a new manufacturing
site north of Adelaide.

Producing biogas from waste and sludge
Duplex stainless steel has proven to be the ideal material of construction for biogas tanks. These systems use a digester to convert solid and liquid biological matter into biomethane.