Duplex World Seminar & Summit 2020

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Van der Valk Airporthotel Düsseldorf, Germany

13-14 October 2020

Join the worlds' premier duplex stainless steel event! Network with the leading minds driving ahead innovation and excellence in the field of materials and explore the many possibilities for networking while sharing knowledge and expertise.

Unique in the industry, the Duplex World Seminar and combined Exhibition unites duplex professionals: from materials specialists, scientists, professors, researchers, developers through to manufacturers, end users and suppliers and traders in one open, explorative and focused forum.

An impression of the Duplex World Seminar and Summit


Duplex World Expo

The Van Der Valk Airport Hotel in Düsseldorf is a spacious location where exhibition stands and networking lounges will all be located on the same floor, ideal for facilitating the flow of visitors and delegates.

It's the ideal opportunity to showcase your company, products services and personality, and network with clients in a relaxed yet professional atmosphere.

Every exhibitor is involved in Duplex. From large scale manufacturers to medium sized suppliers of duplex fittings, this is a niche event for customers to meet all their (potential) business contacts in one location.

Companies have the choice of maximizing their presence with traditional Exhibition Stands or Networking Lounges. All are provided as complete packages – including staff refreshments and lunch each day and access to the Seminar for two members of staff – in order to ensure that your participating is achieved with ease.


Duplex World Seminar Duplex World has an outstanding reputation for promoting and aiding knowledge exchange. Presentations have an application orientated approach – problems & solutions, research results, new developments & applications, case studies, market trends.

Topics include

Casting & forging
Construction & architecture
Heat treatments
Innovations & new grades
Oil & gas applications
Chemical & Petrochemical
End user requirements
High & low temperatures
Lean, super & hyper duplexes
Improving quality & avoiding failures
Cladding and overlay
Heat exchanger fabrication
Research projects

And more...

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