Turkey...the land of opportunity?

Turkey...the land of opportunity?

Joanne McIntyre - 18 February 2015

Turkey is one of the countries with the highest production growth rate of stainless steels in the past decade. Therefore some think success in Turkey’s stainless steel business is almost guaranteed.

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Mrs Joanne McIntyre
Joanne McIntyre is the Editor in Chief of Stainless Steel World magazine, and Conference Coordinator for the Duplex Seminar & Summit.
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Let's face it; the bottom line is all about the money, right? If you're in the business of producing stainless steel you need to get a fair price for your product to grow your business, retain your experienced staff, and hopefully even expand in the market. I don't know of any producer who isn't keen to enlarge their market and sell in new countries... but where are these markets?

I recently published an interesting interview in Stainless Steel World with Mr Tunga Liman, a man who claims Turkey is the "next big market" for stainless steel. Mr Liman is an experienced stockist and trader with ERA Metalurji and according to him, the opportunities in Turkey are enormous, particularly for producers willing to educate their buyers. "The pace of developments in technology that I see are amazing! Every day I see a stainless steel grade replacing carbon steel or expensive surface modifications" says Mr Liman.

Because knowledge about the many grades available and their possible applications is sorely lacking in Turkey, experienced producers can benefit from this by providing expertise he explains. "The biggest obstacle in Turkey is that neither end users nor stockists are well informed about the wide range of grades, applications and properties of the diversified stainless steel grades".

Turkey... the land of opportunity?
Turkey...the land of opportunity?

Yet if this is the case, why aren't all stainless steel producers racing to Turkey to sell their products? Mr Liman goes on to explain that taking on a local partner is essential to success, and claims that the possibilities for growth within the Turkish market are "almost endless".

The key it seems is to find a trusted local partner with whom you can work. A local presence is essential to success in this market. This will not only allow you to deal easily with potential customers, but also allow you to educate them about the possibilities that grades they haven't used before can offer. Mr Liman also states that the most in demand products in Turkey are currently flat austenitic grades and although duplex and martensitic grades have potential, demand at the moment is relatively low. With few companies actively trading in duplexes and martensitics, these grades present a great opportunity for suppliers willing to put in the leg work with a local partner.

"If the parent company assists his local partner... success in Turkey's stainless steel business is almost guaranteed," explains Mr Liman.

Turkey has a very active aerospace and defense industry, and increasing cooperation with major European players such as Airbus is driving Turkish manufacturers to cooperate with European suppliers; another great opportunity. With no production of stainless steels from raw materials taking place within Turkey, domestic demand far outstrips the limited production of product from recycled scrap.

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