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Matjaž Matošec - 15 September 2016

The exchange of information, knowledge, ideas and experience is essential for any professional community to thrive and remain vibrant. The stainless steel community is no exception.

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Mr Matjaž Matošec
Matjaž Matošec is Editor of Stainless Steel World News and Manager of the Stainless Steel World Conference.
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Time flies. It feels like it was yesterday, but in fact more than a year has passed since I joined the Stainless Steel World team and an entirely new universe opened to me. I still vividly remember writing my first editorial for Stainless Steel World News, welcoming readers as the new editor of the newspaper and expressing our commitment to continue improving ourselves and delivering first-class news and editorial content. While this commitment remains binding and our endeavours to build and foster the global stainless steel community not only endure, but grow ever stronger, looking back on the past fifteen months fills me with immense joy and a sense of personal satisfaction. Serving an international readership has been a great privilege and a profoundly rewarding experience, providing a deep well of motivation and drive.

Given my educational background in musicology and cultural studies, diving into the world of stainless steel has been a transformative journey. As I walk the streets, commute to work and observe my surroundings, I cannot avoid noticing the ubiquitous presence of stainless steel in the material reality of daily life. Not only have I become much more sensitive to the omnipresence of things metal, shiny and grey-coloured, I have also come to admire their beauty as well as utility in a myriad of both industrial and consumer applications. As my knowledge of stainless steel deepens, my appreciation of it continues to grow.

Two examples perfectly illustrate what fascinates me so much about this material – its versatility. The shiny, mesmerising Len Lye Centre in New Plymouth, New Zealand, captivates the beholder with its mirror-like façade which in its own right functions as a work of art, while endless networks of stainless steel water piping – situated underground and thus invisible to the public eye – help save hundreds of millions of cubic metres of treated water every year, across the globe.

Making my work most rewarding and inspiring, however, are the people whom I meet and collaborate with. Incredibly diverse, open-minded, often quirky and always passionate, the stainless steel community is a truly wonderful mix of devoted professionals, and I am proud and honoured to be part of it. This blog site, along with other Stainless Steel World platforms, is dedicated to fostering the stainless steel community, and by reading our posts and providing us with feedback you are doing exactly the same!

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