The E-Publishing concept:

With the Stainless Steel World Internet site we service end users in a number of markets, all related to the application of corrosion resistant alloys. Some examples of these markets are: the chemical industry, offshore, oil & gas and power generation,. The major advantages of providing services through the internet are obvious; fast, interactive, direct, globally accessible for 24 hours a day. But it is not just these properties that make the Internet an attractive medium. The synergetic effects with the other Stainless Steel World channels make it an even more powerful medium. Through the reliable brand and premium content, Stainless Steel World has successfully managed to transfer their traditional members from the magazine and conferences to the Internet channels. This created a strong global CRA-community that currently has over 60,000 unique visitors per month.

The E-Publishing Channel:

The three main activities from the Stainless Steel World E-Publishing channel are

  • Websites
  • E-Content
  • E-Consultancy


The Website creates excellent opportunities for focused communication with the visitors of the Stainless Steel World website at a fraction of the cost of a traditional media campaign. It offers direct access to your corporate webpages and brand exposure to the specialists in the business through extensive webvertising options.

What makes webvertising on Stainless Steel World interesting?

  • Members are specialists, not general visitors
  • It improves your branding
  • It generates sales leads
  • It offers direct access to your corporate website
  • It strengthens corporate position on the web
  • Controlled placement of web-ads
  • The website has global traffic

Webvertising options:

There are multiple options to webvertise your company on www.stainless-steel-world.net. These products range from the maximum exposure of a Full Webpack to a modest Hotlink. An overview of all webvertising options:

Concept: Features and prices:
Webbox on homepage Box with your company logo on homepage
  5 deeplinks to strategic positions on your website
Webbox on special sub-pages Box with your company logo on sub pages
  5 deeplinks to strategic positions on your website
Hyperlink in companies box on homepage Hyperlink on Stainless Steel World homepage to your corporate website
  Hyperlink In links section
Highlight link under the news section on the homepage Editorial link with news-product info to your website
Logo banner pack Your logo banner on strategic positions (not on homepage)
  Link to your website
  You can choose from 3,6 or 9 clickable logo banners
Buyers'Guide+Online Online yellow pages, searchable on product type, region and/or country
  Your company details with link to your website
Logo banner & infolines (on calendar page) Your logo banner on the Calendar page
  Extended information on your event with all data in Calendar
Special exhibitor link (on the Expo page) In the list of exhibitors page, your name will be highlighted and your company name is clickable
Full Webpack Webbox with logo and 5 deeplinks on homepage
  6 clickable logo banners at strategic positions
  1 highlight section link
Company video Your company video on the Stainless Steel Website
  Link on home page SSW to guide to the Stainless Steel World video section
Special web ideas Client tailored ideas for maximum exposure


  • PDF file delivery. We can create and deliver .PDF files from the articles featured in the Stainless Steel World magazine, conference papers etc;
  • Webnews delivery. We can deliver a news stream for publication on your own website.


With our in-house knowledge of E-Publishing and Internet, we can offer you tailor made services. Some examples are the creation of a mini website or website consultancy. Software and applications, e.g. content management system or E-Catalogue are also available.

For more information on the options of participating in the Stainless Steel World website or more specific information, please contact Mr Christian Verhey, Director Online Media Development, by e-mail: c.verhey@kci-world.com, phone: +49 2821 71145 45 or fax: +49 2821 71145 69.