Meet The Chairman

It is an honor for me to be your Chairman at the ninth edition of the Stainless Steel World Conference & Expo. Stainless steels play an important role in making industrial developments happen and are therefore close to my engineering heart.

In a world where efficiency demands push us to operate our plants under ever more extreme conditions, and maintenance costs are challenged and reliability requirements are increased, the role of stainless steels becomes progressively important. In addition, their advantages in maintenance work and their esthetic benefits lead to them being increasingly used in construction and architectural applications. At the same time, the ongoing development of new stainless steel grades to optimize performance and cost competitiveness is moving these materials into new application fields.

To gain full benefit from these continuing developments and to learn from our success stories, knowledge sharing and networking between professionals is key. The Stainless Steel World Conference is an excellent event for this. It provides an overview of the latest scientific advances taking place while maintaining a strong application focus. The conference program, workshops, network events, and the expo, in combination with the vibrant atmosphere of the city of Maastricht create a great setting for end-users, engineers, producers, fabricators, distributors, and researchers to enjoy a very worthwhile and memorable event.

On behalf of the Steering Committee I would like to invite you to Stainless Steel World 2015: to submit a paper on your research achievements, innovative solutions, or application experiences, and to come and contribute to the discussions, share experiences, and benefit from the network events. I am looking very much forward to seeing you in Maastricht!

Marc Wilms
Stainless Steel World 2015 Conference Chairman

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