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The November 2015 issue of Stainless Steel World contains among other articles:
COVER STORY: Harald Pihl: Family business promises speedy delivery, honest service
From their base near Stockholm in Sweden, the team at Harald Pihl expedites orders of high grade stainless steels and special alloys to every corner of Europe and beyond. Renowned for speedy delivery and the most extensive stock of nickel, titanium and super alloys in Europe, Harald Pihl have also forged a name for honesty, integrity and quality as a world-class distributor. Stainless Steel World spoke to Managing Director Mr. Jonas Pihl about how this fourth-generation family company continues to grow and extend its reach across borders, without compromising on quality and its business philosophy.

Duplex stainless use is expanding in valves and pumps
In the severest process conditions, manufacturers have come to realize that only the very best materials can prevent accidents, reduce maintenance and downtime, and cut costs in the long term. Duplex use is spreading from tubes and pipes increasingly to valves and pumps, from power generation to desalination, pulp & paper, petrochemical and chemical.

Duplex supports Gerhry’s Parisian ‘iceberg’
Frank Gehry’s project for the Luis Vuitton Foundation exhibits unprecedented aesthetic innovation and technological sophistication. The glass sails of the roof appear light and airy thanks to the delicate, high strength molybdenum-containing duplex support structure.

Synergy in duplex stainless steels
Jan-Olof Nilsson shows some examples of interaction between 2 phases leading to properties defined by a linear law of mixture or synergy.

Gleaming extension complements Oxford University
The Investcorp Building was recently constructed for Oxford University’s Middle East Centre at St. Antony’s College. Clad in shimmering electro polished stainless steel, the gentle curves add a timeless element to this stately location.

Ping An Tower… China’s 2nd tallest building clad in stainless steel
Ping An Financial Centre is a 118-storey mega-tall skyscraper under construction in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China and is expected to be completed in 2016. It will be a shining landmark and a showcase for the versatility and beauty of stainless steel.

Art Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands
One of the most eye-catching buildings t be constructed in Singapore recently is the Art Science Museum. Built in the shape of a giant lotus flower, the external stainless steel composite material is both durable and beautiful.

Sitech Services: Keeping corrosion at bay in Chemelot
Chemelot, a massive industrial chemical site in the south of the Netherlands is home to more than 60 chemical plants. The site is meticulously managed by Sitech Services who undertake a range of services for a number of these plants, including maintenance and expertise.

Use of duplex grades in offshore applications: An expanding trend
Corrosion has been an important issue for the offshore oil & gas industry. Today material specification favours the use of large amounts of CRAs. Duplex stainless steels have proven their worth in this sector already but what does the future hold?

Conservation: a primary aim of water management in the 21st century
In water management, sustainability means learning to do more with less water and less energy to manage and transport it. This article looks at some applications and industries where water management is required and the role played by stainless steel.

Bright future dawning for India’s stainless industry
The Indian stainless steel industry is rapidly maturing. This article looks at some interesting facts and new developments shaping the industry and two of the largest production facilities.

R:LM2 – an AM innovation from Germany
KSD have taken laser cladding a step further through a process they call R:LM2. This is set to open a whole new world of AM materials options for its customers.

The important role of a corrosion/materials engineer
Dr. Haidong Zhang, a corrosion/materials engineer from Houston talks about his career in different industries, lessons learned, the importance of working with good welders and contractors, and mechanical integrity in aging plants.

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