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The October 2015 issue of Stainless Steel World contains among other articles:
COVER STORY: JIULI Hi-Tech Metals: Capability for mega-projects
JIULI Hi-Tech Metals has developed at a rapid pace since Stainless Steel World’s last visit in 2013. The company is now listed on the stock exchange, with its smooth operation and favorable growth providing a solid basis for further development. Significant investments in new technology, facilities and production capacity, combined with a long history of supplying to mega-projects, are powering the company ahead. JIULI is now reaping the benefits of increased market share in the international arena. Managing Director of JIULI Hi-Tech Metals Mr. Li Zhengzhou (Denny Lee), Vice General Manager of Sales Mr. Zhu Xiaofeng, International Business Director Mr. Wang Fangwei (Robin) and Mr. Zhang Kiewei, Sales Manager of Nuclear Products, explained the company’s new developments, markets and plans for further development of its stainless and high alloy pipes and tubular products.

Nickel alloy use in additive manufacturing
Additive manufacturing (3D printing) is rapidly expanding and can now be used to print whole jet engines, turbine blades, aircraft parts and medical implants, amongst other things. This article looks at the fairly new field of 3D printing of nickel alloys and superalloys.

Tackling corrosive challenges in the oil & gas industry: Part 2
In part 2 of this interview with Ms Guri Nustad, some of the challenges faced by designers and suppliers in completing large, complex projects designed by Aker Solutions are described. Corrosion is a costly, complicated issue requiring a thorough understanding of causes from design to the end of an item’s design life. Tips for suppliers to a lucrative market for duplex parts.

Customised materials for South America
South America remains an attractive market for suppliers of stainless steel grades. From oil & gas to the pulp and paper industry, demand for stainless steels is strong. Read about a German distributor who is taking the plunge and heading south.

New Zealand art museum puts New Plymouth on global art trail
The stunning Len Lye Centre shines in the heart of New Plymouth and is home to the largest collection of art works from internationally renowned artist Len Lye, many of them kinetic stainless steel sculptures. Clad in mirror-finish 316 stainless steel, the Centre reflects the surrounding cityscape and artist’s love of the material.

Chemical engineering & nuclear power construction in China: an overview 
As the most populous country in the world, many of China’s industrial production capacities rank first globally. The explosive growth in production capacity means the market is hard-pressed to keep up and serious over-capacity is the result

40 years on … high tech purging brings clear benefits
2015 is Huntingdon Fusion Technique’s 40th anniversary. This presented the ideal opportunity to learn more about the highly specialized world of weld purging from founder, Mr Ron Sewell.

Global gas glut chills prospects for LNG
At the time of the LNG boom liquefying natural gas and shipping to the other side of the world seemed a good idea, before the Americans figured out a way to unlock their shale gas resources and bring them to market. This led to cheaper gas prices, good for the consumer but bad for the upstream oil & gas industry. Profits from current LNG projects will, however, be lower than hoped for, although partially offset by rapid growth in the market for LNG.

Duplex families and applications: A review
Part 3: The lean duplex grades
Part 1 covered up to 1991, Part 2 outlined how, from the early 1990s, users of duplex gained experience and confidence as a result of its application and technical knowledge gained through R&D activity. Part 3, looks at the development of the lean duplex grades. Some general comments to conclude this article series are also included.

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