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The September 2014 issue of Stainless Steel World contains among other articles:
COVER STORY Fine Tubes & Superior Tube Co.; A bright future together built on a long history of excellence
In 2012 Fine Tubes in the UK and Superior Tube Company in the US were bought by the Watermill Group, a match as perfect a fit as the precision products each company engineers. With both companies specializing in the manufacture of high quality, precision engineered tube products, the union has produced a synergy which is already providing a positive influence to their respective global markets. 
US shale boom leaves rest of world far behind
Once political turbulence such as has occurred recently would have sent the stock market tumbling and oil prices soaring. However, the oil price has not budged.

Corrosion risks with the high alloy stainless steels in seawater applications

The corrosion potential of stainless steel undergoes ennoblement when exposed to seawater which significantly affects the biofilm on metallic surfaces. Cathodic reduction efficiency increases, promoting corrosion reactions.

Duplex Seminar & Summit

The final preparations are being made for this event to be held 24 – 25 September in Stresa, Italy. Check out the latest information and conference programme.
Titanium shines in super yacht industry
Titanium is strong, very light, resists corrosion and has a beautiful, luxurious finish. The perfect metal for super yacht fabrication. Yet, as metallurgist Ko Buijs explains, it has only recently begun to attract the attention of luxury yacht builders.
Duplex World introduces guest blogger Mr. Yue Jincai
In preparation for the launch of a new website, Duplex World, the team has been busy finding experts from around the world to contribute in different ways, from articles to blogs, discussion groups to technical papers. In this article we interview a guest blogger with a special interest in duplex.
Managing materials and inspections across 24 countries … Dr Lars Rose of Dupont
Being on the road for most of his time means thinking on his feet and finding solutions for the sites he visits. A challenging but rewarding job.
Every kilo counts
How can steel producers contribute to reducing the weight of cars to meet internationally agreed goals of CO2 reduction? A recent 5 day conference in Germany tackled this question looking at future trends, technologies and applications.

Protective coatings extend life of severe service equipment

Thermal spray coatings can extend the service life of a wide variety of industrial machinery and equipment, saving time, money and labor on maintenance and replacement, including valves often subjected to harsh operating conditions.
Cable manufacturers to profit from Germany’s ‘energy autobahn’
The energy turnaround in Germany is forcing the country to modernize and scale up its ‘energy autobahn’. Cable manufacturers are anticipating a surge in orders as the sector switches to the fast lane.
Stainless pavilion mirrors historic port
The Vieux Port Pavilion located at the mouth of the World Heritage-listed harbour of Marseille, France, was officially inaugurated in March 2013. It is a stunningly simple example of how stainless steel can create a high-impact, durable solution for architectural applications.
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