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The July/August 2014 issue of Stainless Steel World contains among other articles:
COVER STORY Independent Forgings & Alloys Ltd: From the deepest ocean to outer space...
Independent Forgings & Alloys Ltd (IFA) is a specialist open die forging and ring manufacturer, producing forgings of up to eight tons in a wide range of materials. The company was founded in 2001 with a unique vision to be a complete forging service centre. A combination of experience, knowledge and on-going investments has seen IFA reduce manufacturing lead times down to an industry leading 6 weeks. Their quest for further improvement in both forged products and customer service continues.
Stainless Steel World spoke to CEO Andrew McGuinness about the company’s focus on excellence and the advanced manufacturing solutions it offers its customers…wherever they may be.
Tipping point: renewable energy gains market share as prices plunge
The next few years will be crucial for renewable energy. Several technological breakthroughs are occurring, and this will continue. This article surveys solar, wind and tidal power and finds plenty of resourcefulness and creativity.

Women in Steel – a new initiative from an industry leader

Jan Ward is both a well-respected figure in the international steel industry and something of a rarity; a woman who has founded a successful company focusing on specialized materials and the Middle East region; Corrotherm International.
Piping specialist aims for excellence at Jacobs Engineering … an interview with Kerry Pritchard
Stainless Steel World had the pleasure of sitting down with Kerry Pritchard, Jacobs’ senior lead piping engineer, to discuss her role, her stainless steel preferences and her current projects.
Flow Control Exchange gears up in Brazil!
To be held 3 & 4 March 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, the Flow Control Exchange is supported by Petrobras and will bring together people involved in the manufacture and use of PVF from around the globe.

Staying power: Nuclear projects evolve slowly but surely

It has been a year of quiet progress for the nuclear industry: no major new projects announced, but some reactors have been completed and a new crop of reactors is taking shape that will go on-line in about 2017.
Corrosion resistance of lean alloy alternatives for 300 series stainless steels – part 2
The second part of this paper continues the comparative investigation of lean duplex stainless steels, manganese alloyed austenitic and duplex stainless steels and ferritic stainless steels. These new materials were investigated in many different test procedures and in different conditions focused on the application in civil engineering and common use.

Astrology: the missing link for commercial success?

Albert Jan Hoeksema advises, supports and guides companies and entrepreneurs by combining the latest business management techniques with astrological insights.

Orbital Die Forming: revolutionary pipe forming technique

Nakata Manufacturing Co. of Japan recently developed a completely new forming method which can make quality pipes with lower deformation strain and has higher productivity.
Smokeless stove for rural India
With more than 6 out of every 10 households in India relying on solid fuel to cook food, the health implications from toxic smoke are enormous, as is the environmental impact. To combat this serious health risk a new gas-fuelled stainless steel stove has been designed for mass-distribution with the goal of improving health, beginning in poor rural areas.
Using stainless steels as substrate for thin film solar cells
The photovoltaic industry’s efforts to reduce cost and increase the production rate are promoting the development of new materials and technologies such as the thin film solar cells.
The countdown begins… Duplex Seminar & Summit 2014
An update on the Duplex event to be held 24 & 25 September 2014 in Stresa, Italy.
Titanium Europe 2014: moving the industry forward
A retrospective look at this event held recently in Sorrento, Italy.
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