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The June 2016 issue of Stainless Steel World contains among other articles:
COVER STORY: CENTRAVIS tubes for the most demanding applications
While CENTRAVIS PRODUCTION UKRAINE has a well established reputation for producing high quality seamless stainless steel tubes, investments in a state-of-the-art extrusion press have elevated the company’s production standards even higher. The company now excels in producing extra-long seamless stainless steel tubes for the demanding international furnace market. The installation of Europe’s largest hot extrusion press, expertise in producing high end alloys, and a wealth of approvals from key end users is seeing he company’s market share rise. Stainless Steel World spoke to Igor Marfut, Sales Director and Andriy Fedˋko, Global Product Leader (Tubes & Pipes for Refining and Petrochemical Industry) to learn more about the company’s growth in this area and the expertise it is now offering the global furnace tubing market.

Experience from the field:
Caustic stress corrosion cracking in elbows of a 316Ti Steam Super Heater (SSH)
After just 18 months of use in a sulfuric acid plant, a SSH manufactured in 316Ti was found to be leaking. With no immediately obvious cause, Sitech launched an investigation and found a surprising result.

Heat exchangers: a large and growing market
The market for heat exchangers is huge and growing. But the competition is fierce, as manufacturers vie with each other to achieve more output for less environmental imprint, weight, volume and energy consumption. Technical breakthroughs are driving an increase in the market share of plate-and-frame HEs relative to the more traditional shell-and-tube type. In more severe applications, the materials used include exotic metals as well as stainless steels.

INSG: Slow growth in global economy hits the nickel market
More than 60 government and industry representatives met in Lisbon in April for the latest INSG Meeting and reviewed the forecast for nickel production and use for 2016 and updated 2014 and 2015 figures. Here is a brief overview of developments based on the data.

Piping and valve materials for offshore use – Part 1
The offshore environment is highly corrosive due to the chloride-rich marine atmosphere and the presence of salt water. Materials used in this industry must be designed to cope with both hydrocarbon services and the marine atmosphere and for this reason many CRAs are specified.

The duplex knowledge exchange
An update on the upcoming Duplex World Seminar & Summit 2016 in Germany and the Advance Seminar Program.

Titanium Europe
Held in Paris in April the 4th edition of the Titanium Europe conference & exhibition provided insights into the European titanium industry.

NACE MRO175 2015 and the stainless steel industry
Stainless Steel producers and distributors for the oil & gas industry are often required to supply materials that meet ANSI/NACE MRO175/ISO15156 requirements for metallic materials for use in H2S containing environments in oil and gas production. The gas is deadly in very low concentrations and is corrosive. This article presents an overview of NACE MRO175 covering its origin, requirements for stainless steels and the relevance of this document within the regulatory framework

Iran Oil Show a resounding success!
The Iran Oil Show was recently held at the Tehran International Permanent Fairground in Iran. Organized by  the National Iranian Oil Company, the event provided the backdrop for around 1,800 companies to showcase their latest wares and achievements. Judging from initial reactions, it has proved to be an enormous success

Strong year predicted for American stainless market
Record sales in the automotive market, the ability to still turn a profit with oil at USD 40/barrel and a strong construction sector are all driving ahead stainless steel consumption in the United States. Robert McIlvaine, President of the McIlvaine Company told Stainless Steel World how the US market is performing.
Followed by news highlights from the United States.

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