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The March 2015 issue of Stainless Steel World contains among other articles:
COVER STORY Salzgitter Mannesmann Stainless Tubes Houston plant goes global
While Salzgitter Mannesmann Stainless Tubes’ European and American operations have always worked closely together, recently the company has decided to fully integrate its operations strategy to make the most of the synergies the complementary business models can offer. Stainless Steel World spoke to three of the top people in SMST team to find out how this strategy will be put into effect, and what it means for the global stainless steel tubing business. Sitting around the table for the interview were Michael Bellinghausen, Group CEO; Christophe Le Rigoleur, Group Managing Director and Tony Thurman, President of SMST USA.
Stainless steel tubes and pipes feel the heat but shine in energy, transport and water
The rising number of trade disputes affecting tubes and pipes suggests that global competition in this sector is intensifying. Meanwhile, the slump in oil prices could spell the end of certain projects, though demand for highly corrosion-resistant products is likely to remain steady. Other promising industries include auto, aerospace and wastewater treatment.

Developments in weld purge gas oxygen monitoring technology
The importance of gas purging when welding stainless steels has long been recognised in the more sensitive sectors such as aerospace and pharmaceuticals. The presence of oxygen causes, at best, an unsightly appearance but more significantly friable deposits produced by contamination of unprotected weld underbeads become detached and can lead to serious damage.

TWI: more than just a welding institute (part two)
Stainless Steel World recently had the distinct pleasure of a meeting with TWI’s Research Director Paul Woollin and Technology Fellow John Wintle at TWI’s HQ in Great Abington, England. They explained TWI’s capabilities in welding but also many other manufacturing-related fields, including inspection, coating, cutting, materials properties determination and integrity qualification. They also gave some telling examples of recent TWI activities in core industries such as nuclear power and offshore.

New lightweight steel ideal for cars
By manipulating the structure of steel on a nanometre scale, a South Korean materials scientist has produced a material which has the strength and the lightness of titanium alloys but will, when produced at scale, cost a tenth as much. The key was finding a way to increase the aluminium content while overcoming the formation of brittle intermetallic compounds.

The scramble for desalination is bullish for duplex
In the last few years, unexpectedly heavy rainfall triggered a downturn in the desalination in industry. This period is now in the rear mirror, drought is back (not that it ever went away), and the desalination industry is recovering. Building work is especially intensive in the Middle East, with Africa and Asia not far behind. These projects will provide a steady market for stainless steel (especially duplex grades), valves and pumps.

INSG: Changes in nickel production capacity on the horizon
Nickel is an important input for the stainless steel industry. But what is the outlook for the supply of nickel? The International Nickel Study Group has presented data on the global market for nickel, with information on current and future mines, smelters and refineries. This article gives a brief overview of recent developments based on this data.

Bending costs downward
There are many kilometres of pipe on oil platforms, complex chemical plants, refineries and large power stations. All feature similarly large stretches of pipeline. In view of these quantities, pipe fitting plays a special role in plant and pipeline construction; the conduit system must be installed quickly and efficiently. 

Get set for StocExpo 2015
Promoted as Europe’s leading international event for the tank terminal industry, the 2015 StocExpo will be held in Rotterdam from 17-19 March. The Stainless Steel World TV team will bring reports from the show.

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