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The November 2014 issue of Stainless Steel World contains among other articles:
COVER STORY Sandvik: + 150 years on – Sandvik still challenges the market
As a leading developer and manufacturer of products  in advanced stainless steels and special alloys for the most demanding environments, SMT has a stellar reputation in the global market. We spoke to Portfolio Manager at Tube division Jane Eriksson in Sandviken, Sweden, about recent developments and how Sandvik continues to ‘raise the bar’ – albeit a stainless steel one – in the global market.
A steel for all seasons: duplex expands its range
The proliferation of new grades of stainless steel and new modes of processing and fabrication has not yet led to an increase in the market share of duplex grades. Consumption of duplex is likely to pick up and gain market share once Europe’s economy recovers and if China’s growth rate resumes.

2014 Duplex Seminar & Summit a shining success!
Following the conclusion of this successful event held in September, Stainless Steel World presents a review. The event brings together duplex experts from over 25 countries and shows that whilst the duplex community may be small compared to the stainless steel community as a whole, it comprises a vibrant group of highly motivated and diverse individuals willing to share their technical knowledge.

“We have to listen to our customers”
So said Outokumpu CEO, Mr Mika Seitovirta when Stainless Steel World bagged an exclusive interview with him during the ‘Surface Finish Day’ conference in Dillenburg, Germany recently. Mr Seitovirta told us that, whilst Outokumpu is still very product-oriented, the company ought to be moving more in the direction of the needs of the market. 

Current strategies for stainless steel market development
Pipe Room Material Stress Engineer at Wuhuan Engineering Co., Mr Cai Xiaofeng explains current developments and strategic direction for stainless steel suppliers in the domestic Chinese markets.

Surface hardening of stainless steels
There are several processes by which the surface of stainless steel can be hardened to increase scratch and wear resistance. It is commonly thought that surface hardening techniques diminish corrosion resistance. Alenka Kosmač of Euro Inox looks at the latest techniques to show this is no longer the case.

Paul Meijering sets a high standard

In September Paul Meijering invited guests to help celebrate the opening of their new warehouse and HQ. Stainless Steel World was amazed at the scale and efficiency of the new operation. Here is a photo report for all to enjoy.

Fighting thirst with stainless steel

The world faces a mounting water crisis and will only become worse in the future. This article shows how changes of policy, new approaches, technology and resourcefulness can go some way to alleviate the shortage and stainless steel plays a vital role in combating corrosion, eliminating leaks and ensuring hygiene. 

Metals fabricator turns idea into titanium palm tree
Picture Vancouver, British Columbia, with its majestic mountains and countryside in this Northwest Canadian paradise, and you will doubtless envisage pine covered slopes and forests. A lone palm tree ‘planted’ by John Ellett owner of Ellett Industries, Ltd stakes its claim here. No ordinary palm tree this…

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