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The May 2016 issue of Stainless Steel World contains among other articles:
COVER STORY: Sandvik Materials Technology
Knowledge, competence & expertise for demanding markets
Sandvik Materials Technology prides itself on the metallurgy expertise that it has accumulated over many years. As its core competence, this expertise allows it to find solutions for customers in the most demanding applications around the globe. Increasing demand from end users for products that improve safety and reliability while at the same time minimizing environmental impact is helping to drive ahead developments. Working directly with end users to develop efficient solutions therefore remains one of its key strategies. Stainless Steel World spoke to Mr. Eduardo Gomes, Regional Sales Director Americas, about how these issues are pushing ahead demand for innovative, high value materials.

Back in time: The history of tubes
If you search for tube or pipe on the web there is an avalanche of information which makes you start to realise how dependant our way of life is on something with a hole in it that carries any sort of medium.

The role of nickel and manganese in duplexes
Jan-Olof Nilsson continues his series of articles. This month, what part do nickel and manganese have in the design of duplex stainless steels.

New topics stimulate duplex discussions
The Advance Seminar Program for the Duplex World Seminar & Summit highlights several new topics which are attracting attention.

Ammonia and urea: a growing market for stainless steel
Which scientific invention has had the most impact on world history? Few would suggest the Haber-Bosch process, yet this technology is arguably the most decisive ever. This method of making ammonia allows larger quantities of nitrogen to become available as a plant nutrient, triggering an agriculture revolution.

On the move at wire and Tube
More than 2,600 exhibiting companies were on hand to inform visitors about the latest machinery, equipment and products from the wire, cable and tube processing industries in early April. Stainless Steel World was also there.

 “Material properties are crucial for us”
An interview with Gregor Kremsmüller
The Kremsmüller Group offers the service of a full-range supplier from pipeline and apparatus construction to hard and software engineering. Industrial plant construction is the core business of the family owned, Austrian company. Stainless steel is used in devices, tanks and pressure vessels. Stainless Steel World spoke to Mr Kremsmüller about trends in material development and Europe’s largest stainless steel drinking water tank.

Stainless steel rebar a cost-effective option
Until recently the use of stainless steel reinforcement bars was uncommon in India’s construction sector due to its prohibitive costs. However studies show that the service life of structures built with stainless rebar is over five times longer than those built using carbon steel.

From offshore welder to artist…
From offshore welder to international artist, the career of Ronald A. Westerhuis has been quite a journey. From huge sculptures to furniture, gleaming disks to small crafted items, everything this Dutchman creates is stainless steel and speaks of his passion for the material and his skill in mastering it.

Fighting fake products
This initiative is uniting reputable producers to focus on an issue that’s important to all: fighting the growing problem of counterfeit pipes, fittings and flanges on the global market.

Stainless steel in LNG applications
The application of stainless steel in the oil & gas industry is unmissable due primarily to its impressive resistance to corrosion from sour gas and oil, and to seawater in offshore and subsea applications. The growing demand in cryogenic applications for the LNG industry is one area where stainless steels truly shine.

Metal additive layer manufactured implants poised to enter mainstream
Hip and spinal joint replacement patients could soon be receiving individualised, metal 3D-printed implants, thanks to a pioneering project from an industry partnership.

2016 Stainless Steel World Americas kicks into high gear
Preparations for the 2016 event are well under way with the chairman and steering committee putting together a quality conference program.

Turbulent times for UK industry
The UK’s stainless steel sector has weathered many storms in recent years. Some sectors, however, are doing well and showing potential for growth.

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