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The December 2014 issue of Stainless Steel World contains among other articles:
COVER STORY Officine ORSI S.p.a. 60 years of specialized piping solutions
For sixty years Officine Orsi has specialized in providing piping solutions for some of the most challenging applications in the world. Over the decades the family-owned company has grown not only in size and turnover, but also in the wealth of knowledge and expertise that it has in-house and which allow it to offer tailor-made solutions and expert advice to customers. Over the years one of the core strengths the comnpany has brought to the table is its willingness to be flexible in order to provide just-in-time delivery to customers and provide the best possible solutions, something which the current generation of the Orsi family pride themselves on. Stainless Steel World spoke to the three men behind the Orsi name to learn more about this Italian specialist.
Old and new: nickel will stay strong in both traditional and innovative industries
The nickel shortage that some feared earlier this year has not materialized. The supply-demand outlook depends on not only the global economy but also the viability of new technologies and applications. Automobile is an example of an industry that has recovered dramatically after the financial crisis of 2008. Other growth areas include LNG, electroplating and 3D printing, which is revolutionizing aerospace production and leading to the development of new super-alloys.

Turkey: doing business in the land of opportunity
Turkey imports around half a million tonnes of stainless steel annually, much of which is channelled into chemical processing, white goods, food processing, automotive, valves and pumps, power generation and aerospace. The most in-demand products are austenitic and heat resistant grades in the form of plates and sheets. Stainless Steel World spoke with Mr Tunga Liman of ERA Metalurji who was happy to share his insights into the rapidly growing Turkish market for stainless steel.

Arctic resource recovery tests materials technology
Stainless Steel World caught up with Mr Babak Bahar, who has recently moved to Kvaerner in Oslo and has joined the Duplex Seminar & Summit Steering Committee. Mr Bahar tells us what he is currently involve in and what materials and corrosion challenges he tries to solve in the Arctic environment.

INSG: Nickel – growing demand and steady supply
Twice yearly the International Nickel Study Group meets in Lisbon. The October 2014 meeting brought together experts to discuss trends in the nickel market. At the end of the meeting, INSG issued a forecast for nickel production and use for the coming year. The forecast indicates 2015 will be the first year since 2011 for usage to exceed production.

Positive mood at Offshore Energy 2014
This year’s annual Offshore Energy show took place in Amsterdam on 28 and 29 October 2014. Our online team joined the international stream of visitors, and was pleasantly surprised by the positive sentiments expressed by exhibitors

Can mankind survive without stainless steel?
Stainless steels have a large impact on our lives but are they really indispensable? During the history of mankind stainless steels have only been available for approximately one hundred years, a period that is vanishingly small compared with the time man has existed on earth. This article reflects on the historical aspects of stainless steel development.

Making a splash: the myriad uses of stainless steel in architecture
Since the Chrysler building was unveiled in New York in 1930, stainless steel has exercised a fascination for architects and public. Its lustrous appearance allows town planners or corporations to create an ‘icon’ in landmark public projects. Apart from its aesthetic properties, stainless steel offers other practical advantages. This article examines some of the uses of stainless steel in buildings and public structures.

Nickel alloys in offshore oil & gas; metallurgy and welding considerations
Nickel-based CRAs are essential for providing long term resistance to corrosion for many components exposed to oil & gas production environments. Selection of materials for sour environments is complex and, if not properly carried out, can lead to mistakes and application and misunderstanding. This article looks at popular nickel alloys used in offshore oil & gas, welding metallurgy problems and design code and specification requirements.

3D Printing of stainless steel components
The publicity surrounding 3D printing of metal parts is increasing. Some years ago it was hardly taken seriously. The situation today is completely different because modern society needs this technology. Environmental issues and the drive to reduce the use of raw materials are also boosting serious consideration of using this technology as an alternative to casting, forging and machining.

Inaugural WNE a success!
The first World Nuclear Exhibition in October was a great success. Exhibitors had the opportunity to meet over 7,200 visitors from 71 countries. Almost 50 ministers, junior ministers, secretaries of state and senior officials travelled to the show.

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