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The October 2014 issue of Stainless Steel World contains among other articles:
COVER STORY Energy Metals Inc: Specialty steel master distributor invests in excellence
Energy Metals Inc. (EMI) is a master distributor of specialty stainless and high-grade nickel alloys based in Houston, Texas, USA. The company’s highly-experienced personnel and extensive inventory makes it stand out; these are the two pillars upon which its success is founded and maintained. 
Corrosion resistance at reduced cost: weld overlay cladding
This article looks at a special type of cladding, weld overlay cladding (WOC), which is gaining ground in offshore oil & gas and other industries. It requires great expertise combined with advanced equipment.

Designing and building coke oven gas purification plants
DMT GmbH & Co. KG in Essen, Germany, plans and builds plants for the purification of coke oven gas across the globe for the steel industry. Dr. Manfred Kaiser, head of the Cokemaking Technology Division, and Timo Zimmermann, Process Engineer, explain trends in material usage.

ONS driving changes in the oil and gas sector
Held in Stavanger, Norway in August, the biennial Offshore Northern Seas (ONS) proved again to be a valued meeting point for the oil and gas industry.

High quality welds essential for offshore
Successful and safe offshore crude oil exploration and production depends for a large extent on the high quality welding and weld overlay cladding of tubes, pipes and manifolds. TIG/GTAW weld overlay cladding and welding offers the guarantee of zero-defects combined with sustainable safe production.

Running a tight ship: Stainless steel can be cost-effective for the construction of ships and boats
Rust and corrosion are a constant problem for shipbuilders and sailors. One of the most reliable and cost-effective solutions is the use of stainless steel.

Next generation inspection tool needs for aging plants
Many chemical plants designed for 30 years’ service have past that milestone, others have shut down operations and equipment mothballed. Those that have survived and thrived have done so due to periodic inspection and maintenance best practices.

Pool safety depends on proper materials for fasteners and hanging constructions
Builders of swimming pools should be held accountable for the materials used, says Jan Heselmans. Recent incidents in the Netherlands due to stress corrosion cracking have resulted in the issuance of a guideline but does this go far enough?

Advanced manufacturing moving to Asia is a myth
Ukrainian company Centravis is experiencing a stable growth in the seamless stainless steel tube market and CEO, Mr Yuriy Atanasov, remains confident that European advanced manufacturing will increase market share in the years to come.

Duplex World introduces guest blogger Mr. Li Guoping
As a preview to the launch of our new website, Duplex World, read what Mr Li Guoping has to say. Mr. Li has a special interest in duplex with almost 20 years’ experience working with this material.

Construction challenges for Tokyo Olympics
The news that a scaled-back version of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo will have a significant impact on the amount of materials required for the construction and renovation of sporting venues, indoor and outdoor.

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