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Can I buy Stainless Steel World publications online?
Yes you can at KCI's webshop.

Do you keep an archive of older news?
Yes, we have an archive that goes back to May 2001.


I have a press release that might interest people working in the CRA business. Where can I submit this for inclusion on your website and in your magazine?
Press releases can be submitted for free to our News Department. However, we reserve the right to not include press releases that are irrelevant for our readers.

I'm looking for a company that sells seamless tubes. How can I find one?
Try our Buyers'Guide+Online for a list of companies in you region.


How can I subscribe to your magazine?
You can subscribe here.

Where can I order a reprint of an article that appeared in Stainless Steel World?
Having your article reprinted by Stainless Steel World enables you to hand out glossy promotion material to your clients, prospects and leads, in for instance Information packages, mailings or at conferences and exhibitions. You can order reprints here.

At what date must the advertisement I want in your magazine be in your possession?
Click here to see a complete list of the requirements and dates.

Can I write an article for Stainless Steel World?
You can earn recognition by writing for Stainless Steel World. You don't have to be a professional writer to have an article published in Stainless Steel World. You only need to present information, based on experience or know-how, that will be of value to our readers. Guidelines on how to write and prepare an article can be found here.

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