AMETEK develops SmartView® for manufacturers

16 April 2019

AMETEK Surface Vision, a world leader in automated online surface inspection solutions, continues to evolve its highly successful SmartView® surface inspection solution, greatly enhancing production capabilities for manufacturers globally with significant software improvements.

SmartView’s superior performance in detecting surface flaws and defects has enabled it to maintain its position as a market-leading materials inspection solution for three decades. Key to this dominance is the modular system design, supported by an ongoing program of updates that ensures SmartView remains at the forefront of inspection technology.

The SmartView system combines powerful software, state-of-the-art camera technology, high-intensity lighting, and unparalleled application engineering services, to deliver a high-performance, automated solution that detects, classifies and visualizes surface defects, and ensures that the highest quality standards are maintained.

SmartView’s new Parts Per Million (PPM) application expresses the defect area as a ratio of the total product area. This real-time calculation provides easy visualization of defect density in table and graph formats, making it simpler to identify regions that need closer review.