Pöyry awarded owner's engineering services assignment

14 September 2018

Biozin Holding AS has awarded Pöyry with the Owner's Engineering Services assignment for the pre-engineering phase for the planned biozin® production plant in Norway. The new plant will convert biomass to liquid bio-crude that will be sold and further processed into transportation fuels in oil refineries. The work is scheduled to be carried out between 2018 and 2020.

Production of biozin® will be based on the licenced technology IH2®, licence held by CRI/Criterion Catalyst Company Limited. The IH2® technology is an efficient cost-effective technology to convert woody biomass and forest residues feedstock into renewable, low carbon, clean burning hydrocarbon transportation fuels.

Biozin Holding AS is owned by Biozin AS, a subsidiary of the Norwegian sawmill company Bergene Holm AS. Biozin AS and the Swedish oil company Preem AB have entered into a cooperation agreement with the intention to realise a full scale biozin® production plant located adjacent to the Bergene Holm AS sawmill in Åmli in southern Norway. A production plant will consume about 700,000 m3 of feedstock and produces 120,000 m3 biozin®, a bio-crude that will be refined into normal transportation fuels. Preem AB will purchase biozin® from the plant for further processing and distribution. The sustainable by-product bio-carbon from biozin® production can be applied in a variety of applications. The project's total cost is expected to be approximately 3.5bn NOK. The ambition is to establish more production facilities in Southern Norway.