Ruland’s new installation and assembly tools

24 August 2018

Ruland adds a new accessory product line including key stock, hex keys, and torque wrenches to assist with assembly and installation of shaft collars and couplings.

Ruland oversized key stock is pre-cut to fit inch and metric ASME standards. They are often used with a shaft coupling to allow for higher torque capabilities and prevent slippage on the shaft. Ruland key stock is supplied in 12” (25 mm) length allowing users flexibility to cut to length. They are available in zinc plated steel for high torque applications as well as stainless steel for corrosion resistance.

Torque wrenches are used to precisely install hardware to the manufacturer’s recommended seating torque. They are calibrated to prevent over torqueing and maximize performance in installations where joint tension is critical to component performance, such as a shaft collar or coupling. Ruland offers torque wrenches with pre-set or adjustable torques to ensuring hardware is properly installed. These durable wrenches are supplied in T-style for comfortable grip and increased turning power, L-style for high torque applications, and screwdriver style for low torque requirements.

Hex keys are used to tighten or loosen the fastening hardware supplied with Ruland shaft collars and couplings. Ruland’s ball head hex keys are manufactured in longer than standard lengths to reach in confined spaces and allow for additional leverage in applications with high seating torque requirements. The short shank heads have a 100 degree angle allowing them to be shorter and fit in tighter spaces. They are made from chrome vanadium steel with electrostatically-applied powder coating for durability in any operating environment.