BM Group appoints new CEO

14 May 2018

BM Group has appointed Gianluca Maccani as the Chief Executive Officer of BM Group USA CORP, the American company that supplies the brands Polytec Robotics and BM Automation in USA.

The new CEO comes to BMGroupUSA CORP. with a wealth of project management and sales accounting and as an active member of AIST, the most relevant American Association for Iron & Steel Technology. “Being asked to start and run a new company from the ground up is a challenge I relish and am looking forward to” said Maccani.

Mirko Bottini said the new CEO “will be a worthy asset to our company”. “American’s forward thinking attitude to technology and development is one of the reasons we saw potential in this country. I believe that the offerings we will be introducing together with our Italian business units and Maccani’s experience will see our smart robotic solutions for steel industry prove to be successful,” he said. Polytec Robotics supplies robotic solutions for the steel industry, with over 120 robots installed worldwide.