GE Power to lead EPC contract for Ostroleka C

13 April 2018

GE Power was informed that it has been chosen as the lead EPC, in consortium with Alstom Power Systems, to build the ultra-supercritical (USC) coal power plant Ostroleka C in Poland. The plant will start commercial operation within 56 months after the notice to proceed and generate a gross output of 1,000 MW, enough to power 300,000 homes in Poland.

GE Power will design, manufacture and deliver its market-leading ultra-supercritical technology components (boiler and steam turbine generator) for this new power plant. With USC technology, the plant will perform to the highest efficiency level possible for a steam power plant in Poland with 46% efficiency, well above the global average of 33% efficiency. GE Power will also provide advanced environmental control systems such as electrostatic precipitators and wet flue gas desulfurization plant. These technologies ensure Ostroleka C will meet the most stringent emission requirement as called for by the latest European Union directive.

GE’s EPC expertise comes from more than 100 GW installed through 200 integrated projects.