BASF opens catalysts plant in China

08 December 2017

BASF has opened its chemical catalysts manufacturing plant in Caojing, Shanghai, China. The plant is BASF’s first chemical catalysts manufacturing facility in the Asia Pacific region.

The new plant will use advanced production technologies to manufacture catalysts and adsorbents. These are used in the production of fatty alcohols, styrene, butanediol. BASF adsorbents are used in many applications to remove impurities from product streams. Butanediol is a raw material in the production of THF and poly-THF (Spandex), while poly butylene terephthalate (PBT) is used in engineering polymers. Styrene is for example polymerized into polystyrene, which finds applications in packaging or insulation for buildings. Fatty alcohols are used as detergents and surfactants, typically used in cosmetics and in the food industry.

The new site will be supported by the new Process Catalyst R&D Center, which is focusing on the development of new process catalyst to meet specific needs in Asia. This R&D Center will further strengthen the collaboration with partners in the region.