AMPO to supply hydro turbine castings

24 November 2017

An international leading manufacturer of hydropower equipment has put trust in AMPO FOUNDRY for the manufacture of machined stainless-steel hydro turbine castings for La guaca and Paraiso power plants, in Colombia.

AMPO FOUNDRY will supply approximately 20 hydropower equipment aftermarket castings, such as; covers, caps, rings and shields for beaks. All of them in CA6NM steel and machined.

In this case, AMPO FOUNDRY will use its cutting-edge sand moulding facilities for large batches and on the other hand, its brand new automated Ceramic Moulding facilities for one-off pieces. For the manufacture of these pieces AMPO will use its Patternless process for rapid prototyping. With this technology ceramic shells are produced in AMPO within a day. The main benefits of this technique are: lead time reduction, manufacturing costs reduction, high integrity and dimensional accuracy castings, appropriate surface finishes, opportunities for one-off and small series production and no pattern storage or maintenance costs.

AMPO team guarantees a prompt response to customer needs wherever they may be; the organization has a clear orientation towards the development of components with short delivery requirements.