Maire Tecnimont gets new awards worth USD 273M

17 November 2017

Maire Tecnimont S.p.A. announces that its main subsidiaries have been granted several awards for a total amount of USD 273M for licensing, engineering services and Engineering-Procurement activities. These contracts have been awarded by some of the most prestigious international clients located in Europe, Russia and South-East Asia.

Among the new acquisitions, Kinetics Technology S.p.A. has been awarded two EP (Engineering-Procurement) contracts by LUKOIL Nizhegorod Nefteorg Syntez. The contracts are related to five refinery process units for the large residue upgrading project, part of the Deep Conversion Complex in Kstovo City, central Russia.

The Project will improve the complexity and technological content of the Kstovo Refinery, enabling the plant to produce higher value products and refine lower quality crude oil, therefore meeting the growing market demand for cleaner fuels as well as ensuring higher yields of valuable products.