LEE introduces NACE compliant bender jet

10 November 2017

Constructed entirely from MP35N and compliant with NACE MR1075/ISO15156, the multi-250H bender jet from the Lee Company is suited to handle the harsh duty applications typically found in the oil and gas industries. This multi-orifice restrictor is designed to handle demanding system conditions, including high flow rates and large pressure drops. This low Lohm design uses three orifices in series to help lower fluid velocities and reduce the possibility of cavitation. Additionally, this multi-orifice design offers a 40% increase in minimum passage size over a comparable single orifice restrictor. Rated for a maximum working pressure of 5000 psi, the NACE Compliant 250 H Bender Jet is offered in seventeen standard Lohm rates, ranging from 600 – 1800 Lohms, and is protected by two integral safety screens for bidirectional flow.

Lee’s NACE Compliant 250 H bender jets are multi-orifice restrictors made entirely from MP35N, a nickel-cobalt based alloy. These restrictors are specifically designed to offer exceptional corrosion resistance and performance for harsh duty applications found in the oil and gas industries.