Vallourec introduces Saturnax 01

09 November 2017

Vallourec’s subsidiary Serimax has developed the lightest digital welding bug Saturnax 01.

Saturnax 01 was created to fulfil an unmet need – the requirement for an automated and easy-to-use welding bug capable of operating on any type of construction site, even when access to welds is extremely limited, therefore the design has many unique features. It weighs less than 15kg with its wire spool, making it exceptionally easy for welders to handle, and has a limited bulk of only 150mm at the diameter, which makes it easy to handle. Its user interface is intuitive and simple, enabling easy usage. The welding bug also functions with a chain driving system allowing it to be fitted on any pipe size (between 8" and 100") with a single chain kit, which is necessary in manufacturing.

Offering fully motorized orbital single torch Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW), the new bug is simple to operate, versatile and extremely tough. Saturnax 01 is compatible with most customers’ existing FCAW power sources. It is very easy and quick to mobilize and brings an immediate solution to increased productivity requirement.