Diamondspark comprises seamless cored wires

31 October 2017

Diamondspark by Böhler Welding covers a full range of seamless cored wires to match the needs of demanding applications. Established in the market with a vast range of individual types are Böhler Welding tubular seamless cored wires (Diamondspark T-Line), which are manufactured by filling a tube with flux ingredients and drawing it to end diameter. Completely new are Böhler Welding types using a laser beam (Diamondspark L-Line) and drawing it to end diameter. Both fabrication routes allow subsequent copper-coating to give the cored wires optimal feeding characteristics and current transfer.

Diamondspark laser-sealed seamless cored wires are ideal for welding applications with most stringent requirements for productivity, safety and weld quality; of high integrity components in demanding industries; perfect for high and ultra-high strength steel welding; and for hydrogen critical applications.

The Diamondspark T Line represents a vast range of tubular copper-coated, seamless cored wires, which are tested and classified according to EN and AWS standards and approved by major approval societies, covering normal strength, high strength, low-temperature, weather resistant and creep resistant steels.