Enerquip introduces compact heat exchangers

24 October 2017

Enerquip has added a new line of compact heat exchangers to meet the growing demand from customers with low flow-rate applications.

Enerquip has been one of the providers of heating and cooling equipment for production plants and the OEM’s and system integrators that support them. The company crafts stainless steel and high alloy shell and tube heat exchangers of the highest quality, with delivery lead-times that are half of the industry standard. The size of Enerquip heat exchangers can vary from the length of a loaf of bread to the size of a school bus.

Enerquip’s compact exchangers are also ASME code stamped, which helps ensure that product and their people will be safe during production.

The sanitary version also meets the rigorous 3-A sanitary standard, and the pharmaceutical models are more ASME-BPE compliant than other low flow coil models and other current designs in the market. This new product line is perfect for small batch processes, point-of-use streams, or R&D or pilot scale applications.