Stalatube’s mobile-enabled optimizing tool

09 June 2017

Stalatube is the first supplier of stainless steel tubes to offer their customers a digital Stalafit tool that guides the designer in choosing the optimal tube.

The tube optimization tool is part of Stalatube’s Stalafit service concept, which allows for optimizing and manufacturing tube sizes according to the requirements of the installation site. Traditionally, structural tubes have been produced in size intervals of 10 mm, but with the new service concept, the designer does not need to compromise when looking for the best tube size. The outer dimensions of tubes can now be defined down to the millimetre.

The advantage of the Stalafit concept is its customizability: the dimensions and material of the tube can be optimally selected according to the intended use. The application also helps the designer choose the right material according to EN 1993-1-4, taking into account the applicable requirements. It also speeds up the design process as the details of the design, such as the bending resistance and cross-sectional properties of the tubes, are updated in real time according to the choices.

The Stalafit application is available as a web and a mobile application.