Expansion of DGD by Ecofining

23 March 2017

Honeywell UOP has announced that the Diamond Green Diesel facility in Norco, La., will expand its annual production capacity of renewable diesel from 10,000 bpd to 18,000 bpd, using Ecofining™ process technology.

Diamond Green Diesel, which is owned by Valero Energy Corp. and Darling Ingredients Inc., is the leading commercial advanced biofuel facility in the United States. The company plans to complete the expansion in the Q2 of 2018.

The Diamond Green Diesel facility converts inedible oils and other waste feedstocks to produce Honeywell Green Diesel™, a high-quality renewable fuel. Unlike biodiesel, renewable diesel produced using the Ecofining process is chemically identical to petroleum-based diesel and can be used as a drop-in replacement in vehicles with no modifications. It also features up to an 80 percent life cycle reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared with diesel from petroleum.

Honeywell Green Diesel also offers an excellent performance at cold or warm temperatures.