Aussies I series Smart Pump

29 September 2015

A new Aussie ‘Smart Pump’ featuring 316 stainless steel casing has been released as an extension of the Australian Pump Industries’ range of pumps, designed for a wide range of potentially corrosive or difficult to handle liquids.

The original Aussie Smart Pumps were made of polyester with a wide range of elastomers suitable for handling liquids such as fuel oils, seawater, acids and aggressive agricultural fertilizers and weedicides. Whereas the new I series stainless steel pump can be made use of in aquaculture and oil field applications.

The pump’s interior is available in fiberglass, reinforced polyester or Ryton. The pump’s major benefit is it’s flexibility and versatility and it can be configured to suit a vast range of liquids through its elastomers options along with o’rings on the mechanical seal. The pump is also able to handles a wide range of sodium based chemicals as well as urea, vinegar and even solutions of zinc sulphate. Its highly sufficient, self-priming, centrifugal design provides a vertical suction lift of 6mts. Another important aspect is that the pumps can be supplied for portable applications using either petrol or diesel engine drive systems.