Stainless: A light-hearted celebration

19 February 2013

To celebrate 100 years of stainless steel, Sheffield-based artist Wildago is bringing her own brand of levity to the proceedings by staging a special exhibition in honour of Harry Brearley at her gallery “Camp Wildago” on Campo Lane. “Stainless” will be collaboration between the artist and much loved Sheffield cartoonist James Whitworth intended to offer a unique perspective on the centenary celebrations. “I’ve been a fan of James for a long time and once had the privilege of watching a Whitworth cartoon being drawn,” says Wildago. “Working with him will be a lot of fun since we both like to create humorous, vibrant pictures. Stainless steel is many things, but it’s not noted for being colourful. Stainless is going to change all that!”

The amalgamation of Whitworth and Wildago is being forged with a “his and hers” twist. Each artist has the same set of Sheffield landmark photographs with obvious links to stainless steel. Separately the pair will “polish” the steel scenes by adding their own characters, including Sheffield’s up-and-coming apprentice steelworker Freddy Furnace.

Wildago has completed a prestigious commission for Sheffield Forgemasters and has designed a poster to promote the Save Portland Works campaign in the past. As for James, he’s been looking forward in participating in the Painted World of Wildago. “I first ran into Wildago at Bank Street Arts where my Sheffield Dozen exhibition was hosted and was immediately taken with her work. When she suggested we collaborate, I jumped at the chance.”