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The April 2019 issue of Stainless Steel World magazine included, in addition to regular features;

Langley Alloys, the home of super duplex
For over 80 years, Langley Alloys has built a reputation as a leader in the development of high performance alloys, and in the last 20 years as an expert stockist focusing on duplex, super duplex and nickel alloys. However, unlike most stockists, the company has a unique history which includes ownership of some outstanding trademarked alloys that were the first in their field, such as Ferralium, the first super duplex ever developed. 

Duplex ideal material for 7300 m3 demineralized water tank
Duplex is increasingly being specified for the construction of industrial tanks. Recently the Dutch fabricator Gpi constructed a 7300m3 capacity duplex tank designed to EN 14015, the European norm for flat-bottomed tanks.

New and growing markets for duplex stainless steel
Duplex stainless steel owes most of its development to demand from oil and gas extraction. It has also become well established in the chemical/petrochemical and desalination sectors, marine applications, and more recently, urbanization in high-growth economies, especially in eastern Asia. 

ISSDA recommends stainless steel for India’s future
The Indian Stainless Steel Development Association (ISSDA) has endorsed stainless steel as the ideal material for infrastructure projects within India, citing the success of stainless steel in several transit hubs around the world.

Corrosion propagation data is welcome
Manufacturers like Grundfos who build pumps to last, need reliable materials for components such as bodies and shafts. Stainless steels are widely used for seawater pump applications but more corrosion propagation/repassivation data would be appreciated to help predict pump component lifetimes.

Duplex forgings & tubes in chemical process industries: cautions to be exercised
While duplex stainless steels are the ideal material of choice for process equipment in the chemical process industries, care must be taken during specification, fabrication and storage. 

Equinor bought more from Norwegian suppliers in 2018
In 2018 Equinor purchased goods and services worth NOK 141.7 billion from over 9000 suppliers globally. The company recently announced that 67% of total purchases, worth NOK 95.2 billion, went to suppliers with a Norwegian billing address.

Atmospheric field exposure of stainless steel to marine environments in Norway
The work in this study was carried out as a collaboration between Kvaerner and Outokumpu. The aim was to gain knowledge about the atmospheric corrosion performance of a number of selected duplex stainless steel grades for two marine sites in Norway, one offshore and one onshore.

Celebrating 30 years of KCI Publishing
This year KCI Publishing, the company behind Stainless Steel World, celebrates its 30th anniversary. All year we are marking some of the milestones that have taken place over the years, as well as celebrating special anniversaries of some of our clients.

New design horizons with metal fabric
Rapidly increasing passenger numbers – with 4.1 billion passengers being transported worldwide in 2017 alone – are being reflected in ever greater airport architecture dimensions.

Workshop report: optimizing duplex stainless steel applications
During the recent Duplex World event in Dusseldorf, Germany, two well-known materials experts, Barinder Ghai (Sandvik) and Marc Wilms (Shell), joined forces to organise a well-attended workshop. 

5th edition: Stainless Steel in Architectural Applications
The ISSF (International Stainless Steel Forum) has released another stunning addition to its Architectural Brochure series.

Nickel alloys for LNG propulsion
LNG propelled vessels are gaining attention as efforts to curb CO2 emissions gather pace. The switch from fuel oil to LNG requires the use of special materials capable of withstanding extremely low temperatures and stringent safety requirements.

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