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The December 2018 issue of Stainless Steel World contains among other articles:

Cover story: 
New owners focus on high-tech automation at Guild International
This has been a truly landmark year for Guild international, a privately held company specialized in coil joining equipment for the steel processing, tube producing, and stamping industries. Firstly, 2018 marks the company’s 60th Jubilee. Secondly, in February the company was purchased by three long-term employees. They met with Stainless Steel World to talk about this exciting change and how they are passionate about growing the well-respected Guild brand through technical automation and a commitment to quality.

Stainless water tanks for ultramodern diving school
Gpi recently had the honour of supplying two large stainless steel water tanks at a dive training school in the Netherlands. The Dutch tank fabricator shared some insights into this challenging project.

WAAM! Welding combined with 3D printing packs
a powerful punch 3D manufacturing is suitable for making small or moderately sized components,
but what happens when you want to make something bigger? The answer is to combine 3D printing with welding.

Corrosion testing: 
Corrosion testing techniques and evaluation practices used in industry. There are endless options for surface finishes and conditions for metal products. So how do you know if your coating, plating or
application is going to hold up over time and exposure to the elements before going into production?

End user interview:
Always bright & clear
Before your next flight, take a moment to consider how your plane has been refuelled – and the
steps taken to ensure that fuel is 100% free from any contaminants.

World nickel market: stronger production reduces the deficit in 2019
More than 60 government and industry representatives met in Lisbon in October for the International Nickel Study Group Meeting. During the meeting, INSG reviewed the forecast for nickel
production and use for 2018 and 2019. 

Chrome trends in 1H 2018
Chrome data for the first half year in 2018 recently published by the World Bureau of Metal Statistics (UK) reveal some interesting changes.

Improving fibre laser weld quality and yield
While fibre lasers have been used in welding for over a decade, many end-users are still seeking to
improve part quality, increase production throughput, and reduce process costs. Increasingly, manufacturers look to the laser or laser system supplier to lead this effort.

Cooling towers: when experts work together
When a colossal new gas-fi red power plant at Fadhili in Saudi Arabia was awarded to Saudi Aramco,
they asked Hamon d’Hondt to produce the cooling tower systems.

Welding of zirconium and its alloys
Zirconium and its principal alloy zircaloy possess physical properties unmatched by most other
metallic materials. The combination of mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and their high
temperature stability make them attractive for use in a range of sectors. 

Longitudinally welded tubes: ideal for heat exchangers
GEA is one of the largest suppliers of process technology for the food industry and a wide range of
other industries. Heat exchangers are at the heart of much of its technology and longitudinally welded stainless steel tubes are proving the ideal material for these.