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The March 2019 issue of Stainless Steel World magazine included, in addition to regular features;

Marcegaglia Specialties, the worldwide partner for automotive industry With 5.6 million tons of steel processed yearly, a turnover of more than 5 billion euros (2017), 6,500 employees, 21 steel plants, 60 sales offices and 15,000 customers, Marcegaglia is the largest independent player worldwide in steel transformation.

Traceability, we need to start somewhere! In this article the SteelTrace team talk about the true advantages of the digital era as well as the benefits of a new technology called blockchain that provides decentralized trust. Specifically: how this could apply to the steel industry.

On a roll: Stainless tubes & pipes sector thrives thanks to oil & gas After a few difficult years, the stainless tubes and pipes sector is thriving thanks mainly to a comeback in the upstream oil and gas industry.

Stainless Steel World Conference & Exhibition 2019 Join Stainless Steel World, the most important industry event of 2019! This year exhibitors and visitors will also benefit from the new Machining World event, held at the same venue.

PMI Technology and its assistance to manufacturing The non-destructive form of positive material identification can be a shortcut to uncovering the root cause of defective welds, part failure, mixed materials sorting, compliance verification and more. It can be an effective way to verify on-specification conditions in your equipment and systems.

Making head-roads to more cost effective end-user procurement policies Managing large-scale projects within one of India’s largest chemical producers requires an experienced and steady hand. Mr Mrinal Das, Senior Vice President of Projects at Laxmi Organic Industries Ltd, has decades of experience.

Causes & resolution of stress corrosion cracking in steam turbines Steam turbines are used across the world and even with the best maintenance procedures, problems can still arise. Resolving stress corrosion cracking can often be achieved in a straightforward manner by accurately identifying the causes.

How digital transformation is changing the face of visual inspection Industry 4.0 is the next revolution, driven by data and characterised by the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), Cyber Physical Systems and Cloud Computing.

Large-scale transports into the wide world Recently Butting Anlagenbau in Schwedt/Oder (Germany) – a specialist unit focusing on the construction of vessels – completed several large-scale high-alloyed stainless steel orders in special transports.

World first: Automated ultrasonic testing of 75 mm thick duplex joints offshore For the first time ever, automated ultrasonic testing was successfully employed on an offshore platform

NeSSIE helping to develop anti-corrosion solutions in offshore renewables
NeSSIE (North Sea Solutions for Innovation in Corrosion for Energy) is a project designed to tap into the existing knowledge of anti-corrosion technology / novel materials solutions in the maritime sector supply chain to develop demonstration projects for offshore renewables in the North Sea.