Veolia provide duplex evaporator for distillation

19 September 2016

Veolia Water Technologies Business Development Manager, Kalpesh Shah, explains how evaporation can help smaller cosmetics facilities to save money on wastewater disposal. Evaporation for smaller cosmetics manufacturing facilities that currently dispose of liquid waste offsite will reduce wastewater disposal costs and offer opportunities for recovering raw materials (such as disinfectants, proteins and glycols) as well as recycling water. Read more...

Sandvik stainless steel in tunnel construction

16 September 2016

NSB AS, the Norwegian state-owned railroad company, started building a high-speed railway, creating a triangle from Oslo to southern Norway and then up to Bergen, navigating the scenic attractions, all of which required a great deal of innovative thinking as well as experienced partners. Read more...

ClearSign declares executive reassignments

16 September 2016

ClearSign Combustion Corporation, an emerging provider of industrial combustion technologies that help to reduce emissions and improve efficiency, has recently promoted Donald Kendrick, Ph.D. to Chief Technology Officer and has also appointed Joseph Colannino to the position of Senior Vice President of Engineering to accelerate product development efforts surrounding its Duplex™ Technology and ECC™ Technology platforms. Read more...

Stalatube launches STALA400F and STALA630F

14 September 2016

Stalatube has recently created a new material concept for manufacturing extremely lightweight bus bodies with its stainless steel components. The new strength classes, STALA400F for stronger ferritics and STALA630D for stronger Lean Duplex, enable the manufacture of even lighter bus bodies, thanks to the material’s yield strength of up to 630 MPa, together with its excellent elongation and energy absorption properties. Read more...

Sandvik introduces new generation Sanmac®

12 September 2016

Sandvik will soon be launching new generation Sanmac®, offering a stainless steel material which can significantly increase machining rates. Every year Sandvik Research & Development has applied and tested process improvements upgrading the melt of Sanmac material. Read more...

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