Technical article A fascinating construction project with LDX 2101 duplex in the historical city of Tampere, Finland
Technical article Characterization of lean duplex
Technical article Classification of duplex steel grades
Technical article Comparative study of corrosion and environmental cracking properties of 316L and lean duplex alloys
Technical article Corrosion prevention and protection
Technical article Experience manufacturing alloy 19D seam welded lean duplex stainless steel tubing for subsea umbilical applications
Technical article Improving your efficiency
Technical article Influence of phase transformations
Technical article Integration and innovation drive the fast-changing world of desalination
Technical article Inter-metallic observations using a backscattering technique on 25Cr super duplex stainless steel alloy
Interview Lean duplexes can keep costs down
Technical article Physical metallurgy of duplex steel and the issues for thick castings
Technical article Right material choice not about money
Technical article Slowly but surely, duplex continues to penetrate more products
Technical article Some pitfalls in welding duplex stainless steels
Technical article The use of duplex stainless steel grades in tubular products
Technical article Thermal and mechanical treatments effects on phase transformation in duplex stainless steels
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