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Stainless Steel World magazine offers a variety of advertising possibilities, ranging from inexpensive page black-and-white advertising to glossy full-colour 2 page spread.

In addition to display advertising, Stainless Steel World Magazine offers its clients the opportunity to insert a brochure or leaflet. Insertion is at random. Maximum size: 294 mm x 207 mm (height x width). Price is on request. For more information, please contact Ms Nicole Nagel (see contact info below).

Yes, I am interested in advertising in Stainless Steel World magazine. Please send me a quotation for:


Two page spread 2/1 page spread bleed
W: 426mm x H: 303mm
Full page bleed
1/1 page bleed
W: 216mm x H: 303mm
Full page
1/1 page
W: 192mm x H: 271mm
Half horizontal bleed
1/2 page horizontal bleed
W: 216mm x H: 148mm
Half horizontal
1/2 page horizontal
W: 192mm x H: 131 mm
Half vertical bleed
1/2 page vertical bleed
W: 111mm x H 303mm
Half vertical
1/2 page vertical
W: 90 mm x H: 271 mm
One third vertical
1/3 vertical
Without bleed:
W: 64mm x H 271mm
With bleed:
W 73 mm x H 303 mm
One third horizontal
1/3 horizontal
Without bleed:
W 64 mm x H 271 mm
With bleed:
W 73 mm x H 303 mm
Quarter horizontal
1/4 page horizontal
W: 90 mm x H: 271 mm
Quarter square
1/4 page square
Without bleed:
W 90 x H 131 mm
With bleed:
W 110 x 155 mm


full colour 2 colour black&whitePMS colour

For more information on the special topics in these issues, see our editorial programme 2016.

I would like to receive an offer for advertisements in:


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For more information, contact:

Mrs. Elisa Hannan,
Sales & Marketing Manager
Direct dial +31 575 585 291
Fax +31 575 511 099
E-mail: e.hannan@kci-world.com
P.O. Box 396,
7200 AJ Zutphen,
The Netherlands